‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 23 (Part 2)

Tuesday and the second day of the week and it was my wife’s day off.  I got up this morning to my wife being tired and grumpy.  Which was an opposite from the kids over the past week or so.  I had to cater to her a little bit and the kids were the ones in the good mood.  She did help me get out the door on time though and the kids were on their way to school while I was on my way to work.  I got to work and started to put things together for the day and I was psched to have a good day with my students.  I made it through my day until I got to the one class I’ve been having problems with and they were even worse today than they have been in days past.  So, I have a feeling that Thursday is going to be an extremely rough day and either I’m going to lay the law down on this class and they’re going to completely understand and get it or they are going to rebel as much as they can.  It may be an interesting Thursday, we’ll have to see.  I got done with my teaching day and got a bunch of work done around my classroom, including organizing paperwork and putting away important information, filing files, and hanging my Drumline poster in the classroom again (finally), which I haven’t hung up in almost two years.  I got done with my school day and even managed to get all the grading of my papers done and then headed off to SMASH rehearsal.  We had a good rehearsal tonight and everything went well.  I came home and had some dinner while Heather squared things away with the Schwann’s man and Austin practiced piano.  She told me about her day a little bit and the kids then practiced their instruments and I helped Ruth with her auditions for All County.  I then went downstairs and watched my Monday night T.V. show tape watching “Big Bang Theory”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two and a Half Men”, and then “Worst Week”.  After that, I watched “Fringe” and “Law and Order:  S.V.U.” on T.V. and went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 23 (Part 2):  Mace told Kar they were all Balawai here as he sensed the opening frot eh bunker in the floor below.  He moved toward the opening and saw four clones with their helmet off and the face of Jengo staring up at him.  He stopped to cut the floor  of the bulkhead below, when he realized that someone else had been cutting at the floor and she lay next to the decking in a heap with her lightsaber in her hand.  Mace had a moment of giddiness as he thought that Depa had not fallen to the dark side and was actually attempting to help him.  Then reality dawned on him.  She was not going to help him, she was going to destroy the console.  Evidently, the proton grenade caught her just in time and Mace realized he could not sense her life.  Kar interupted and said that Mace had gone silent, but that he can still feel Mace even though Mace can’t feel him.  Mace was remourseful, but okay with the fact that he didn’t have to kill Depa himself.  Kar asked if there was any way he thinks he doesn’t know him.  Mace said if he was all that he claims, then Mace himself would already be dead.  Mace moved forward and realized that Depa had already cut the hole in the floor for him.  Kar said Mace was not his kill.  Mace asked who’s kill he was when he felt a lightsaber emitter from his belly and he said “Depa!”   She turned on her blade as she was faking and jammed her lightsaber through his guts and through the back of his body.  He grabbed her hand and held the blade there as he lit his own blades.  She screamed in an odd agony and Mace could not bear to bring himself to strike her down.  Instead he cut open a hole in the wall and told Geptun to move now!….


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