‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 22 (Part 7)

Well, it was Saturday and I have to say that it was one hell of a day!  There was a LOT that I got accomplished and I can’t believe how much work I have set before me for tomorrow.  But, if all goes according to plan, it should very much be worth all the effort.  Now, I will admit that I slept in today and it was nice to be able to do that for the first time in a while.  Heather and I both slept in until about ten o’clock this morning and the kids were kind enough to let us do that.  I got up and went right downstairs and decided that now was the time to finish up the podcasts and Haviannas projects from last quarter.  So, I didn’t even get any breakfast, I simply dove right into work.  Well, it took some time to do, but by noon I had downloaded the songs and finished out the projects altogether.  It was nice to be able to do and I feel much relieved that I got all that done and off my plate.  I was totally finished moving things around for that by about twelve-thirty and Heather was nice enough to have made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Gosh, you gotta love that gal!  Not only that, but she started on a big project today.  She decided now was the time to start priming all the walls for painting for when we’re finished with the kitchen.  I like this idea as it will brighten up the kitchen and family room area and will really get us going on the things we can do to paint the house.  When I came upstairs to get lunch, she had mudded the walls and was getting ready to prime them.  It was cool to see her so into this work and I offered to help, but she said this was something she wanted to do on her own.  Now, I’ll admit, I still had to help every now and again, but I was impressed with what she had done by the end of the day!  I ate lunch and then went back downstairs and went on a cleaning spree.  I felt like now was the time to clean out the basement and get everything cleaned off and remove as much dust from the air as possible.  So, I started with the table that I keep all my shop stuff on and then started on the table in the game room.  It took a significant amount of time to work on all of this.  As a matter of fact, I got to a point and I needed to go out and get some more “Stikki Clips” and asked Heather if I could go to Saticos to pick some up.  She said sure, but only if I grabbed some things from Wal Mart for dinner.  How could I not agree?   So, I took off to the stores while she continued to prime the house.  I have to say that I have fallen in love with a new teacher’s resource and that resource is called Saticos.  Wow!  This place has a whole bunch of stuff that I have been looking for and I have to say that I can’t wait to go back and get some other things for my classroom from there.  I was so overwhelmed, but I only had a set amount of cash to spend in there and “Stikki Clips” were on the list, and thank goodness I had a limited budget.  I then left Saticos (sadly) and went to Wal Mart and grabbed some things for dinner and found a really cool looking Tie Fighter ship for my Titanium collection called the Tie Defender (I think), but it just looks cool!  I got there and came home and we had a dinner of quesidillas and chips and salsa.  It was a nice dinner, but as soon as I was done, I headed downstairs to work on my next project, getting the Star Wars room back to where I wanted it.  I rearranged a whole bunch of things in the room and hung some posters, and thought, well I have time now, so while I did all of this, I watched “Firefly” on Blu Ray Disc.  Now, I have never watched anything on Blu Ray before and I can’t complain too much.  But I will say that I don’t see too much difference between Blu Ray and regular DVDs.  Anyway, while I did that, I worked on posters to hang around the room that have all the articles I’ve ever collected on Star Wars.   Everything from the Internet to Rolling Stones Magazine.  Got them all up on posterboard and onto my wall.  I even ran out of posterboard before I ran out of things to hang.  I’ll have to get some from school and finish up on Monday.  I spent so much time doing this that it was midnight and time to go to bed, so Heather and I went to bed together and she had primed over 90% of the front rooms at that point!  I was VASTLY impressed!

Okay, so enough about my day, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 22 (Part 7):  Mace stared at the Durasteel door as the trooper captain talked to him.  the smooth door was controlled by a pad on the outside and a manual wheel on the inside.  When the wheel was activatd, then the pad was useless.  This bunker was more secure than most vaults, and only thier swift action before had allowed them to capture it, but the defenders did not shut the door to keep out other trespassers.  The corridor was lit brightly and heavy troopers were bolting heavy weapons to the floor around the door opening powering up their blasters.  The captain of the unit told Mace they had no communication from the bunker shortly after Depa had ordered the ships to get the DSFs close to the city.  They were told to prepare for an infantry assault.  Since then, the bunker cut themselves off.  Mace had said that the dark power he sensed throughout the city originates behind that door.  Nick asked what they were doing behind there and Mace said they’re waiting to see if he comes back.  Nick pulled out his pistols and said they shouldn’t disappoint them.  Mace suggested he get a blaster as they are more accurate, but Nick said that slugs from a pistol don’t bounce back, Mace said they will bounce off a vibroshield…..

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