Clone Wars VII

Well, it’s Friday and the end of the week and I have to say that I’m glad that it’s the end of the week because somehow this week seemed longer than weeks in the past.  I got up this morning and was in a pretty good mood.  The kids asked me why and I said it was nice to know that we really don’t have anything planned for this weekend.  We had a good morning overall and had a great time goofing around with each other.  The babysitter got to the house on time and the kids were off to school and I was off to work.  It was a generally good day at work.  My eighth graders watched some of the previous music videos from the past years to see what the end product should look like.  My seventh graders started a discussion about Podcasts with me today and although I wasn’t able to show them products from last semester, I could give them other examples anyway.  Then my sixth graders started their American Idol projects for the quarter.  All in all, it was a good day.  I got done with my work day and came home and relaxed for a little bit.  That was, until my wife told me about her grand plans for the weekend, which was going to change my grand plans for the weekend.  I had the plan of doing as little as possible, but cleaning downstairs for the people that would be coming over this weekend (twice).  We hung out together for a little bit because the kids were at school at a PTSA event watching “Kung Fu Panda”.  When Heather went to pick them up, she picked up some dinner from “Bella’s”.  We ate dinner together and then I went downstairs and went to work.  I worked on the podcast for a little bit and then worked on making a DVD while I cleaned up my shop a little bit more and watched the VCR tapes from the week.  After long, Ian, Danny, Shannon, and Hailey showed up and we watched “Clone Wars” together and when they left I went right to bed.  I had a lot planned for tomorrow, so I will getting up late, but doing much.

Okay, so since we watched “The Clone Wars” tonight, here is our ogg vorbis file.  Happy Listening!:


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