‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 22 (Part 4)

First off, I would like to say to all the Veteran’s out there – THANK YOU!!!  Thank you for being able to go out in the world and protect the freedoms for the rest of us.  Thank you for putting your life on the line for Democracy and freedom and thank you for facing the enemy that everyone is willing to critique from a distance instead of up close.  To everyone else, happy Veteran’s Day.  I was so happy to have the day off today, but for some reason, I couldn’t sleep in too late.  I ended up getting up around seven-thirty this morning.  So, I went downstairs and watched T.V. and continued to work on students’ music video projects form last quarter.  I watched the “Today” show and “Dr. Phil” while working on these projects and then switched to watching me movies later on.  It took me all morning to work on those music video projects and had gotten them done by eleven o’clock this morning.  I don’t think people realize how much time I spend on these classroom projects at home and how hard it is to make sure they come out looking right and producing a semi-pro quality level.  The students appreciate it, but I’m not sure the public realizes how much personal time goes into these.  I got done with my videos and ate a quick lunch and took a shower and helped Heather get the kids ready for the Veteran’s Day Parade and I then called Danny and told him I would be on the way over to pick him up to go play minis.  I told him that I would want to stop by Fat Cat Books on my way to Allen and Danielle’s to play minis to keep in contact and to get some stuff from Tawna.  I left the house and had to put air in one of my tires and then I headed to Danny’s house and picked him up and then went to Fat Cats where I got a whole bunch of things, including a new Clone Trooper helmet and some of the new Clone Wars minis to play at the game today.  We got to Allen and Danielle’s house and they were nice enough to let me goof around taking out my helmet and minis and playing with them for a minute and then we played a game of minis.  I think my strategy worked better this time, although I still seemed to get my butt kicked again, although I was lucky enough to take someone else out before I left the game.  I got done and packed all our stuff up and headed out.  Heather had texted me while I was in the game and let me know the kids had eaten chicken pot pie for dinner and since I wasn’t into that, she asked me to get us dinner at the A&W on the way home, so I stopped by and got dinner for the two of us and dropped Danny off at home.  Then I came home and ate some dinner with Heather and then went downstairs and processed the audios from our Haviannas projects at school and finished cleaning up the hard drive in my laptop and watched some T.V., including “Fringe” and “Law and Order:  S.V.U.” and then went to bed.  It was a long day for a day off, but it was a little relaxing with a Star Wars minis reprieve. 

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 22 of “Star Was:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 22 (Part 4):  Geptun began to laugh and said he understood, that Mace had misjudged his own people and that it’s his fault.  Mace said they can play the blame game later, but told Geptun that he had the power to make this all stop.  Geptun then said they have tried, he had many working to deactivate the droid starfighters, but they only had land lines.  He said their remotes were inactive and then showed Mace that their signal jamming controls are at the spaceport as well.  He told Mace they were completely helpless.  Mace then said there was one more thing they could try and when Geptun asked what that was, he said surrender.  Geptun laughed and asked who he’s supposed to surrender to and Mace said himself and The Republic.  Geptun said they were his prisoners and were waisting his time and told hsi guards to take them away.  As the lieutenant went to grab them, the lightsaber in his hand ignited and burned him in his thigh.  The lieutenant dropped the blasters and saber, but before it could end up on the floor, the lightsaber was in Mace’s palm and the blade ended up an inch from the lieutenants nose.  As the regulars scrambled for their rifles, Nick had the pistols the lieutenant dropped in his hands and had them pointed at the guards and told them not to.  Mace then stated his terms.  The militia will cease operations at the Lorshan Pass, turn over the starfighter control codes, and sign a treaty cedin Haruun Kal and the Al’Har system to The Republic.  The lieutenant urged Geptun to think about it as all of them had families here.  Geptun asked what would happen if he didn’t and Mace said he wouldn’t save his city.  Geptun called this extortion, but Mace said it was just war…..

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