‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 22 (Part 3)

Well, it was Monday.  It was supposed to be an easy transition from last quarter to this one at school and I’ll be honest, not so smooth!  I got up this morning and I’ll admit I was exhausted!  I think it was just because of all the things I tried to get done this weekend and tried to cram in without any rest for myself.  I’ll be happy to see next weekend when I really don’t have anything planned per say.  I got up at my usual time and got the kids up and got them going for the day.  We had managed to stay afloat and Ruth had forgotten to make me lunch last night again, so she made a lunch for me quick this morning.  They got off to school and I got off to work.  When I got to work, I started to get things ready for the new quarter and closed out my books from last quarter.  However, when I went to do my attendance this morning, I found that I had the attendance from last quarter.  Needless to say it was not a smooth morning and my attendance wasn’t entered “on time” so I had certain individuals breathing down my neck about it.  It happens and I have to say I had a lot to do today and got overloaded.  But, I managed to make it through my work day and one of my co-workers reminded me that this week was the book sale at the Putnam Group down the road.  We go every year because we get some AWESOME deals on books, especially Star Wars books.  So, I texted Heather toward the end of the day and asked her if we could go and she said sure, why not.  So, I came home and we got a quick dinner and then headed right out to Conklin to the book sale.  We got through the book sale with only spending about forty dollars or so, but we got a TON of books including some Star Wars books at Tara’s level, some Star Wars books for myself and a quilting book for my wife.  We did, however, spend an hour in line alone at the sale because they just did not have enough people working for the sale to process everything and get people out of there in a timely manner.  But, we got home at about eight o’clock and Heather started to watch the movie “Titanic” with the kids because we bought Austin a Titanic model at the book sale and they were asking questions about the ship, so we decided to show them the movie as a way to teach part of history.  They watched that while I immediately went to editing and processing music videos.  I worked on it all night long while I watched “Terminator:  The Sarach Connor Chronicles”, “Heroes”, and “C.S.I. Miami”.  I went to bed at around midnight as I had the day off tomorrow and so did Heather and we could both afford to go to bed late.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoin, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover……

Chapter 22 (Part 3):  The entrance to the Republic Intelligence station was masked as part of teh checkered floor in the Washeteria.  The lieutenant led the way while two regulars walked behind Nick and Mace.  Nick said ti stinks, and Mace pointed out that this is what may discourage others from finding their secret entrance.  A code box appeared in the wall and the lieutenant tucked Mace’s lightsaber under his arm as he entered the code for the hidden stairs.  They walked into a brightly lit room that was outfitted with the latest and greatest electronic surveillance equipment in the galaxy.  There were some working and much talking going on, but most of the monitors were only full of the snow of an empty monitor.  The lieutenant led them into a room full of holoprojectors, showing the aire fight going on above Haruun Kal.  On the other end of the room sat a chubby man, Geptun.  Geptun told Mace he didn’t think the Jedi were capable of savagery and Mace said he didn’t think so either.  Geptun pointed out that children were dying, but Mace said he showed the same conempt for the Korunnai.  Geptun jumped to his feet asking how they could simply take revenge and Mace said he was not the only one with poor subordinates…..

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