‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 22 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Sunday and it’s normally the day of rest for a majority of America, but for the Crissman household, yet again, it was a day that was totally crazy!  Why is it that everything is now getting scheduled on Sunday?  Well, it started out this morning early with Heather getting up at five-thirty and going to work at J.C. Penneys to help clean up the store and restock the shelves after their big sale yesterday.  So, that left me with the kids.  I got up around seven o’clock this morning and got the kids up and got them going for church.  Today at church was going to be harder than most because I was going to be running the sound board at the church service and I was also going to be making sure that Austin is doing what he’s supposed to because he is an accolite today.  So, we both had to be there early and we got to church at about quarter after eight for the nine-thirty service.  I set everything up for the church service with help from the regular guy that does sound for the church services.  We did okay today with only one moment that didn’t quite come acrossed right and I felt bad for the girls because they were given the wrong verse for the Bible passage and changes passages is not easy.  I made it through the church service with little to no problems and Austin made an excellent accolite being well behaved and not burning the church down with the candles.  I got done with church and literally left the kids behind as Heather was going to get off of work and go and pick the kids up from church.  I left and went home and watched part of the documentary “War” (which is AWESOME, by the way!) and got a small and quick lunch and then headed off to Dunkin Donuts for the FanForce meeting.  In the meantime, the kids went to Sunday School and Heather picked them up and came home and had a lunch a little bit of a nap with them and then took them over to the cemetery to hang flags for Veteran’s Day with the Girl Scouts.  In the meantime, I had a great meeting with our group.  I thanked everyone for all the hard work over the past year and told them that I hope the next year will go smooter and easier.  It can only get better right?  We also had another new potential member at the meeting and I think she may work into the group pretty easily and I think the group is only going to continue to grow as we go on and on.  We got done with the meeting and I called Heather to tell her I was coming home, I checked for an Ahsoka Tano figure at “Toys R Us”, but they STILL had the same figures they had from the night they did the midnight madness!  Man, that’s frustrating!  I came home and watched the end of the St. Louis Rams and N.Y. Jets game and pretty much wanted to reach through the T.V. and kill my team!  Man the Rams suck this year!  I got done watching the game and then scrambled to get grades done as they are done by noon tomorrow.  I didn’t even eat dinner.  Instead, I graded papers and final exams as well as extra credit pages and other papers and projects.  By the time I got done, it was getting late and I had watched some of the shows on T.V., including “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “Amazing Race”, and “The Unit”.  As I finished up, I even started to process videos for music video projects.  What a day, and I can only hope this week starts to calm down with the beginning of a new quarter.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 22 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 22 (Part 2):  The lieutenant commented about capturing them and the noncom said they surrendered, but that they were here.  The lieutenant todl the squad to scatter and Mace said he needed to speak with Colonel Geptun.  The lieutenant told Mace that Geptun didn’t want to see Mace and that he was instructed to shoot on sight, but Mace said that’s a bad idea.  Then Mace asked the lieutenant if he had family and he explained that he could stop the fighting outside as his men were spurning on the fight.  Mace told them alll they have two choices.  They could pull their triggers, die with their families left out ther and without them.  Or, they could take him to meet Colonel Geptun and save hundreds of thousands of lives, including their own.  He said the choice was duty or doing what is morally right.  The big man commented about his borken nose, and Mace said his was the only nose he busted on the planet.  Mace told them to call the Colonel as he may have changed his mind to see him.  The lieutenant complained that he didn’t get paid enough for this as he dropped his weapon.  The lieutenant went and made a call and after hanging up the comm, he told his men to stand down.  The lieutenant said he needed to collect their weapons.  Nick tried to convince him otherwise, but the lieutenant said he wasn’t that good.  Mace handed over his lightsaber and the lieutenant said he was told by the Colonel that the Jedi was Mace Windu.  Mace admitted to it and the lieutenant said he didn’t mind the busted nose as he was lucky to even be alive.  Mace said he needed to find a new line of work…..

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