Clone Wars VI

Well, it was Friday and it was going to be quite the day and I now know that I am going to have quite the weekend ahead of me!  I just hope I can get everything done that I need to get done in a timely manner.  Is it sad that I’m really looking forward to my first day off from work in quite some time?  I just feel like the month of October dragged on and on and on.  I got up this morning and I have to say I hit the ground running from the start.  The kids got themselves up and we all assisted each other in helping to get the morning running smoothly.  In all reality, I was glad they were able to help me as it got my day off to a start on the right foot.  I got myself off to work on time and the kids got off to school on time.  Of course, they were excited as they only had a half day at school today!

I got to work and it was quite the day!  It was the last day of the quarter and the last day for final exams!  It was mass chaos!  I couldn’t believe how much I had to get done with the students today to finish out the quarter and quite honestly, as soon as I got to school, I hit the ground running and I was into final exams.  To make the situation even more interesting, my principal decided to observe me second period today.  I thought it was a little unfair to use this day as my official observation, but I’ll have to reserve my judgement for what he writes down on the observation form.  All my students were doing was taking the written portion of their final while others finished their keyboard portion while playing for me.  He seemed shocked that I demanded an ESL skill from my students in writing an essay as a part of their exam.  I’m not sure why he was shocked, I’ve been doing that for over six years now.  I made it through my day, but not without many controversies, including getting a bunch of seventh grade teachers mad at me for giving a student extended time on his/her test even though their IEP says they get extended time, but they said it was unfair to them. I didn’t say it, and should have, but they have that student all year long and I only get that student for ten weeks.  Gee, who should let him have extended time today?!  I was completely stressed by the end of the day and Heather was telling me about how stressful her day was as a last day at Wendy’s and I think we were both just ready to cry by the end of the day.  I got done with my day and came home and quite honestly crashed.  Heather let me know that tonight was going to be rough as we had about twelve different things going on!  First, she had a framing party that started at six o’clock and I had to take Ruth to Endicott for Girl Scouts for an event at the YMCA in Endicott.  Her friend met us at the house after we had dinner, I ran them over, came home to a house of a framing party going on.  Then, I had a friend come over and we watched “Clone Wars” together and then Ruth’s friend came over and we had her for a sleepover for the night.  I watched the “Clone Wars” episode twice tonight before I went to bed.  Tomorrow was going to be just as busy.   I had planned on grading finals tonight, but it just never happened.  So, the girls stayed up a little later to watch “High School Musical” while Heather and I went to bed. 

Okay, so no book talk tonight, but check out our latest commentary on the “Clone Wars” TV show with Clone Wars VI, which can be found here:

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