‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 21 (Part 3)

Monday, and I have to say I’m exhausted from the weekend.  On the other hand, it was well worth all the time and effort!  It was a fun day on Sunday and I hope that we will have another expo next year.  I got up this morning and got the kids going and everyone was in a zombie-like state.  We got ourselves going for the day and the babysitter got to the house on time and I was off to work while the kids were off to school.  Today was the last day to get a lot of things done.  I managed to get through the day today and finished up the music videos with my students.  I have a LOT of editing to do, but the processing shouldn’t take too long in the end.  I also managed to finish up most of the podcasts with my seventh graders and did the second recorder test with my sixth graders.  I feel like I worked non-stop today and I didn’ t feel like I had a chance to breath.  Quite honestly, I can’t wait till I have a day off in the future.  I’m getting to the point that I may have to take a mental health day sometime in the near future.  I got done with school and came home and relaxed a little bit.  I then got into grading papers because I realized I needed to get graded papers back to my students as soon as possible this week to review for the final exam.  In the middle of my grading, the kids called me upstairs and we did dinner together and then I went right back to grading papers.  I got done with grading and then I went about taking care of organizing some things in the basement, including the things I got from the Syracuse Heroes Expo and getting things ready for the Ross Corners Event this Saturday and looking at what needed to be repaired for the event.  I finished with all of this and tried to watch some T.V. until Heather and I got in a MASSIVE argument about a lost email for the Star Wars group and we found out that my wife “accidentally” tried to throw away.  I got done with this and then we headed to bed early.  It was a long night and a long day and I just wanted to treat tomorrow as another day!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover….

Chapter 21 (Part 3):  The gunship cleared the warehouse district going over two-hundred kilometers per hour.  The streets were empty and Mace used this to his advantage while he could.  Nick asked Mace if he was sure the droid starfighters would not attack a ground transport and Mace said he was very confident.  Mace then demonstrated by grabbing the attention of a GAV.  The vehicle turned it’s gun toward the gunship, but Chalk shot down the barrell of the GAV to explode the shell before it could leave the barrell and exploded the vehicle from the inside out.  Mace showed that the DSFs wouldn’t fight their own GAVs for fear of that!  Then Mace said they needed to get off the street and Nick said that would attract the ships, but Mace said off, not up.  Mace ordered Chalk to fire as she blew holes open in the buildings and Mace started to dart into buildings as holes blew open in them.  There were more and more militia in the district and Mace kept using the buildings to dodge the ever-growing heavy infantry.  The Balawai were left wtih empty trigger fingers and astonished at the speed and vigor with which the gunship moved through the warehouse district…..


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