Hovering Rocks #4

Well, today was quite the day!  I had low expectations at the beginning of the day and the time just seemed to fly by, by the end of the day.  The good news is that I feel very prepared for the Syracuse Heroes Expo tomorrow.  I got up late this morning.  I ended up not getting up until almost ten o’clock this morning and that was simply because I was out till one-thirty this morning trying to win the costume contest at Flahsbacks.  I came home and literally fell into bed and crashed.  Heather and I got up this morning and it was almost “go” time from the time we got up.  It was ten o’clock and the kids got breakfast already, so we got breakfast and then got things going for our day.  Heather had to work at J.C. Penny’s today to continue her orientation, so she was off to work at noon and I told her I wanted to do some shopping for the Syracuse Heroes Expo tomorrow and see if I can find some things on the dirt cheap.  So, she got set and we all left the house at the same time.  Heather went to work and the kids and I went to “Party City”.  There weren’t any great deals there or anything, but we did manage to find some things we were looking for.  First, we found Tara some gloves for Obi-Wan Kenobi for the Clone Wars series and I said they would work great for Aayla Secura, so we got them.  We also found a “Holy Grail” item and ran acrossed a blow up Boba Fett backpack for Austin, and I couldn’t help but get that for my buddy.  I told Heather to just take it out of my money for the Heroes Expo.  We got done and headed straight home as I had a lot of work to get done.  When we got home, the kids ate lunch and got to folding the laundry while I worked on creating a new piece of knee armor out of Sintra.  By one o’clock I was onto the painting/priming stage and was surprised I got the project done by the end of the day.  But amongst the other things I did, I did manage to get it done.  I also worked on organizing things for the Heroes Expo and packed them up and got it all upstairs.  I was shocked at how much stuff I was going to have to cram into the car.  It’s a good thing Heather decided not to come along as I would have had to have strapped her to the roof!  By the time I got all of this done, Heather had gotten home and it was five o’clock.  We stopped quick and ate dinner with Heather.  Once dinner was over, it was time to pack the car.  I could not believe how much we had to pack.  Three full totes, an RPG, two bags, two tool kits (one is being utilized as a make-up kit), a tackle box full of minis, a backplate, and “a partridge in a pear tree!!”  I managed to pack up the car and then came inside and joined Heather in the basement to watch the movie “Definetly, Maybe”, while I downloaded some tunes for a CD for our car ride up to Syracuse tomorrow.  I burned the CD and we went to bed around midnight.  Thank goodness for the time change as I got an hour back tonight and tomorrow is going to be a long day!!

Okay, so let’s take a break from the book for a night, and let’s focus on “Hovering Rocks #4”, which can be found here:

http://www.jedicouncilspeaks.mypodcast.com.  THANKS!  AND MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THOSE WHO LISTEN!!!!!


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