‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 21 (Part 1)

Well, it’s Friday and I have to say to everyone, Happy Halloween!!!  It was quite the day for me and honestly, it’s quite the long day for me!  I got up my usual time today and knew this day was going to be quite long.  I got the kids up and they were quite excited because it was Halloween and Tara and Austin really wanted to show off their new Star Wars costumes at school, so they were even more excited to get going for the day.  I actually had to calm them down just a little bit.  We got ourselves going for the day and the kids were off to school (almost bouncing the whole way) and I was off to work.  I got to work and it was going to be an interesting day from the start.  We started the day off by searching students’ backpacks for safety on Halloween.  It needed to be done and I thought it was unfair because it cut into my first period, but I realized that it was for the safety of everyone, so so-be-it.  I got through my day, and it was a pretty rough one, but I soon realized that I did it to myself.  I probably shouldn’t have planned on shooting music videos on the day of Halloween.  We did have a fun time at school because we had a “wear a hat for Cancer” day today.  So, I wore my “Star Wars:  Episode I” hat and the students all had on some pretty funny hats as well as teachers.  It was just fun in general.  I got done with my school day and had a ton of things to do before I even came home.  We discovered this morning that I was missing one of the gloves to my costume this morning, so I needed to find a new pair of gloves to go with my costume.  I also needed to find some make-up the girls needed and I wanted to find a cheap pair of gloves for Tara’s Jedi costume.  Well, I went to K-Mart on a whim, and found some good buys.  I found a pair of “Craftsman” work gloves that will go great with the costume, found some make-up that was marked down, and even found a camera battery for the digital camera.  I couldn’t find any gloves, but I had to get home.  I got home and the kids were hyped for Halloween, but I asked them to let me get a fifteen minute nap, and they were nice enough to do so.  I got up and Heather got us all dinner and apologized for the lateness, but she got out of work late.  One of her many complaints about the Wendy’s job and why she’s changing jobs in a few weeks.  We got done with dinner and it was time to get into costumes and while we were in the middle of all of this, my buddy Jeff called and convinced me to go to “Flashbacks” later this evening for a costume contest they are holding for a cash prize of up to $250.  Honestly, I could use the cash.  So, we got the girls changed and then got into doing their make-up and I have to say that once we got Tara done, she looked pretty gosh-darned cute!  I then got into costume and we were on our way to trick or treating.  We had a great time out on the streets and almost everywhere we went, everyone asked us to take pictures with us.  The police even begged me to get on a sidestreet because people on Chenango Street were stopping in the middle of the street and begging me to have my picture taken with them.  I obliged the police officer, and did so.  Austin managed to fall at one point and bust open his Vader candy holder, so we dumped all his candy into my backpack.  See, my backpack is heavy and functional!  We got done trick or treating and I got home and rested a little bit before I headed back out to get to “Flashbacks”.  I got to the parking garage and found out Jeff hadn’t even left his house yet, so I waited for him because I can’t get into my costume without some help.  We got into the bar and it was dead.  But about an hour after we got there, it got crazy!  Things got awesome and there was a lot of fun to be had!  I had some great fun with Jeff and his wife and we really did have a good time.  I even found a “Wookie” and arrested him and freaked a whole bunch of patrons out.  Gosh, that’s exactly what I love doing.  We even met a woman who came up to Jeff and I and said she would love to join our group as she already owns a Slave Leia costume and has been looking for a group to join.  Well, we got her email and I’ll be getting in touch with her this week.  I did make the finals in the costume contest, even made the top five till I got be out by the Jamaican Bobsled Team, The Flintstones, and Amy Winehouse.  What a crock of crap!  And to make things worse, some asshole who was pissed off that I got into the final over him turned around and kicked me in the knees and broke my knee guards.  I know Jeff wondered why I left so quickly, and if he reads this, that is why I left so quickly.  I left at about one in the morning and came home and crahsed at the house on Saturday morning.

Okay, so enough of my Halloween, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 21:  Inferno – Night-time.  Clones manned the large turbolaser batteries that traced the Droid Starfighters that were merely specks in the sky.  Chalk moaned as she struggled with the seat straps because of the bandages she had on.  As Mace assisted her, he asked how one fo them became bloody again and Chalk said probably during the jump at the battle earlier.  Mace said she was tough and didn’ have time to be hurt.  She said to Mace that her people are in danger and she can be injured later.  As Mace helped her out, he began to inventory his own wounds.  A concussion, cracked rib, sprained ankle, a blister burn, bite wounds and scrapes and bruises.  He told Chalk that when this was all said and done, they would check into a med center together.  Chalk smiled back at Mace.  Nick popped into the cockpit and said they were a go and then pointed out the window of the cockpit.  Vastor was making his way to the gunship signaling to Mace to wait.  Nick asked if they should accidentally shoot him in a tragic weapon check.  Mace told Nick to keep himself in check.  As Vastor approached, Mace reminded the clone commander that his orders will only come from him.  The commander asked about Billaba, but Mace said she and Vastor had both been relieved of their duties and that their men have no authority or rank…..


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