‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chaper 20 (Part 5)

Well, it’s Monday and it felt like a Monday.  Well, sort of.  I got up this morning and didn’t want to get up because my wife had a terrible time this morning and last night.  She didn’t sleep very well and I think it’s because she knew she had to face her boss this morning and give him her two weeks notice.  She got up really early this morning and headed over to Wendy’s at about four-thirty this morning.  She figured she could talk to him with no one else around and try to explain her thought process behind everything.  Well, she got up and headed over there and when she went to talk to her boss, he started snapping at her about how she owed him more than this!  He demanded three weeks since his vacation was in three weeks!  I was proud of Heather because she stuck to her guns and said no, this was a two week notice, not a three week notice.  He was upset with her and said this is not fair to him or the company and then spouted about how he has fought for her over the years and about how she has misunderstood everything that has gone on over the past year.  Basically, he gave my wife a guilt complex for even thinking of going to another job.  So, as I stated last night would happen, it did not go over well.  Heather came back this morning upset at five o’clock and we were talking in bed and I was basically up at five this morning.  So, as you can see, I was not wanting to get out of bed so fast.  I basically only got about five hours of sleep!  The good news was that Heather was with me this morning.  She was feeling like total crap because of what was happening this morning and I reminded her that no matter what, she was quitting a job and that quitting a job was not all going to be roses and fun!  She said, “yeah”, but I don’t think it really sunk in that no matter what she did, her boss was going to be upset.  We managed to get the kids going for the day and she managed to see what it was like to have Tara as a holy terror in the morning and she agreed that something needed to be done, but she wasn’t sure what.  The kids got off to school on time and I was off to work on time.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  My morning went okay, but my students are starting to fight me about doing any work in class.  I think they have simply lost all motivation and I can’t seem to motivate them at all!  Of course, for many of them, they are failing many subjects, so failing music is just another bad grade on an already bad report card.  I managed to make my way through the work day and have to say that I was relieved when the day was over.

I got done with work, packed things up and went home.  I got home and tried to check on the TFN boards for Binghamton to see if the header had changed and nothing happened yet.  Then I found a PM from the Regional Commander telling me who I had to email to get the header submitted, so I sent the email to the person with all the images in the email.  You know, I’m beginning to wonder if all that work on Friday night is going to pay off or not.  It seems to take an awfully long time to get things done for the TFN forums and I’m hoping we get to see the new banner before the end of the week.  I got done dinking around upstairs on the computer and then set things up downstairs.  I had lots of plans for the evening, and like most nights, my best laid plans did not happen quite like I wanted them to.  I went outside and spray painted Austin’s rocket launcher and Tara’s Twilek headpiece for their costumes.  That took a little while and I came back inside and by the time I finished with all of this, it was time for dinner.  I sat down with the family and ate some dinner before I got into all the other things I needed to get done for the evening.  I then went downstairs and finished painting the “Family Guy” monkey plaque the student teacher at school made for me and then started to work on getting things together to clean up my shop.  But, before I could start with that, Heather had asked if she could leave for the evening and go to a Pampered Chef party and I said sure.  She doesn’t get a chance to go out often and I felt bad because she has been stressed lately and she needed the relief from everything.  So, after she left, Austin started to play trumpet, and I heard him making some mistakes.  Now, I’m all for him making some mistakes, but I wanted to make sure he understood where he was going wrong.  So, I helped him out for a little while and then went downstairs and started to continue to work on some projects I needed to finish up this weekend.  Including making some of the Mandaloian Mercs convention tags for Ad’Caurd Falco and Kal Falco to use this weekend at the Syracuse Heroes Expo.  I then organized some things in the basement as well and finished with painting and working on the rest of my projects.  I then blogged for a little while and read some of my book while watching “Heroes” because everything else tonight was all reruns.  I have so much more to do before the end of the week and Halloween and I just don’t know how I’m going to get it all done!  Heather and I went to bed together.  The temperatures have started to drop and I was shocked to find out that they are talking about snow tomorrow!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 20 (Part 5):  Mace then asked how many of the clones are qualified pilots and seventy-one said all of them, so Mace said to ask for volunteers, but seventy-one said he’d get the same response, because they would all volunteer.  So Mace told him to pick the best then.  Nick asked if they were leaving, but Mace said they have no time.  Nick asked Mace if he had anymore tricks up his sleeve and Mace said he didn’t have any.  Then they were told that they have incoming droid starfighters.   Mace then told seventy-one to get the ranking militia officer, Major Stempel.  Nick asked what good he was gonna do and mace pointed to a console.  He told Nick that this console is linked via land line to a transmitter beneath the bunker and he said the person that called in the DSFs were in here, and Nick nodded and said, “the control code”.  The clones brought back a man and Mace introduced himself, but Stempel cut him off saying he doesn’t have the code and he never knew it.  Stempel said that he came in and inputted the code himself and then he left.  Mace closed his eyes and said he should have expected this, as he is smarter than I am.  Nick was confused and kept asking who “he” was.  Then a clone trooper chimed in and said they were getting a priority signal for General Windu.  He said it was Colonel Geptun and that he was calling to accept their surrender…..


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