‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 20 (Part 4)

Sunday and a fun-filled Sunday it was.  We got up this morning and got ourselves and the kids going for the day.  Heather got extremely angry at Ruth beause she bought “High School Musical” cereal for all the kids and Ruth told the others that the cereal was only for her.  As Heather said, she was being selfish.  She then told Ruth that she was not going to go see “High School Musical 3” today as promised, but I reminded Heather that if she punished Ruth, she was also punishing Austin and Tara and that’s not fair to the two kids who weren’t in trouble.  We also had a small tiff over MP3 Players.  I want to get Ruth one for Christmas (say a “High School Musical” themed one) and Heather thinks she’s too young.  But, I keep reminding Heather that her “young” older daughter ain’t so young anymore.  She’s in sixth grade and almost a teenager.  Then I went for the “kill” and asked Heather when she got her first walkman and she agreed it was around sixth or seventh grade.  My point was made.

We headed off to church and I helped with sound again today and observed how to run the computer for the screen for praise and worship team and for the scripture verses.  It looks confusing, but really isn’t that hard to do.  They basically run a dual monitor set up with one of the monitors actually being the screen for the showing of the text or the words for the song.  It wasn’t too bad, but I did manage to get a feel for a service.  We got done with church and I talked with Rodney for a little bit and suggested that not next Sunday, but the Sunday after that I come in and run a service to get an ideas what it’s like to run a service with Rodney behind me to help guide me.  He agreed so it looks like that’s going to happen.  I then talked to the choral conductor and thought I would discuss a best time to play trumpet with them and it looks like I’ll have my premier with this church on November 16th.  Cool!  We got done with all of that and then it was time for Heather and I to leave.  We went to Radio Shack to pick up a headset for my meeting tonight, but Radio Shack wasn’t open, so we headed to Staples and found a nice set for only about twenty dollars.  I also found some nice headphones that I told Heather that I would like to buy later for the podcast.  You know, when we have money (like that’s EVER going to happen!).  We got done and game home and Heather had her leg attacked by fleas again, so she was furious and vowed to destroy all fleas in the house today.  We then discussed the issue with Ruth and agreed she needed to be punished in some way, so I came up with the idea that if she wanted to go see “High School Musical 3”, then she needed to give up her five dollars she just got from grammy and papa as punishment.  She agreed and that was the punishment set in place.  Heather then left and went to the pet store to get flea bombs, spray, and “Frontline” for the dog.  She picked up the kids on the way back to the house.  I, in turn, went downstairs, watched some of the football pre-game and graded papers.  The kids got home and we tore apart and bombed the house.  When we left, we left Clifford on the tether outside the house and went to get lunch and watch “High School Musical 3”.  We got a quick bite to eat at Arby’s and then got popcorn at the theater.  The movie, honestly, was touching and not half bad.  The songs weren’t annoying like “Mama Mia” and I found the plot kind of fun and even inspiring.  I even saw things within the movie that I could use to teach in my classroom for lessons later on.  We got done with the movie and came home as it was now about four o’clock or so.  We got home and I went downstairs and continued to grade papers while watching T.V. and finding out that the Rams lost – AGAIN!  Really, their season has just gone right down the toilet!  While I watched T.V., I continued to work on things including trying to get caught up on little things like paperwork and what-not around the house.  I even managed to clean off the computer desk upstairs.  I didn’t eat any dinner and while I was watching football, I got dressed up in my costume and took a new avatar picture for the mando Mercs and then took four full complete pictures of Austin in full gear to hopefully make him an offical member of the Mercs now.  I posted them on the Mando Mercs board and then it was time for the meeting.  I didn’t see the power of the use of Skype before, but now I do!  It was a blast having a Skype meeting for the Mercs and it was amazing how much we all agreed about what needed to be done at the meeting.  We got done with everything and it was late at night.  I had managed to miss my usual T.V. shows (“Amazing Race”) so Heather taped them for me to watch later.  While I downloaded the “High School Musical 3” Soundtrack for Ruth, Heather and I watched “The Unit” and then headed to bed.  She was not looking forward to tomorrow morning as she was going to be handing in her two-weeks notice to Wendy’s and she thinks it’s going to go fine.  I think it’s going to be a complete disaster!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover……

Chapter 20 (Part 4):  Mace didn’t even need to leave the bunker to watch it all go wrong.  Mace was in the command bunker, which was a large room with consoles on all sides. The clones tended to their wouded as Vastor and his Akk Guards paced the room.  He noted that Vastor and his men seemed to be feeding off the fear in the room, but he didn’t ask them what the intent was for.  In a corner of the room, was a console called the muting box that was built by the Techno Union and controlled self destruct charges that were built into each turbolaser in the spaceport.  In that same corner lay Depa who was full of pain and had become very weak.  The troopers had taken over consoles and many had removed their helmets to man their stations.  Mace couldn’t bring himself to look at the empty helmets on the station as they reminded him of Jengo’s helmet too much.  Over at the satellite console were Nick and CRC-09/571 and he was glad that this clone had opted to leave his helmet on as he didn’t need anymore reminders of what had happened on Geonosis.  Mace told seventy-one to get all the engines on the landers turned on.  He then said that they need to turn on every ship in the ports and any ships with armaments gets a gunner…..


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