Well, it’s Friday and I have to say that things seemed to go much better today than they did yesterday.  I like it when things go well because I am then a happy camper.  I got up this morning and got things going for the day and I was ready for school.  The kids seemed excited about getting to school and we did fight the urge to have a bad morning and they seemed to have a pretty good morning.  To make it even better, I had a morning where Austin didn’t spill water all over the inside of his backpack.  We got ourselves out of the house and I was on my way to work while they were on their way to school.  Work was okay today.  The music video projects seemed to go better because I think the groups were more organized, but I had to give my first period a lecture about being involved as it seemed that members of those groups never seemed to be organized.  My seventh graders started to record podcasts and my sixth graders continued with watching American Idol Season 7.  I got done with work and try to come home as fast as possible.  I got home and spent some time talking to Heather about my plans for the weekend and then I went downstairs and took a nap and then graded papers.  Not too long after that, we went upstairs and ate some dinner.  We got done with that and I came downstairs and played some “Guitar Hero:  Aerosmith” and then Danny showed up.  We had a great time visiting with each other and I helpd Danny with the electronics in his helmet for a little bit.  We watched “Clone Wars” when Ian came over and joined us for a while.  We had a good visit and I helped Danny some more and he and Shannon left and I continued on tonight.  I pankicked as I had lost a bunch of the information from the audacity recording from tonight.  However, fear not!  I did manage to get it put back together.  But that only happened on Saturday.  Well, I explain that tomorrow, but following this post is the post of our commentary…


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