‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 19 (Part 10)

Monday and the beginning of the work week and I have to say that I wanted a little more sleep time this morning when I woke up.  I did snooze the alarm and then got up this morning and got the kids going for the day.  We had a little bit of a late start, but got caught up very quickly.  Heather and I had some fun before I went to work with her wishing me “Marishka Hargitay” from the “Love Guru” movie for the morning.  I got out the door and off to school late and therefore was a little late getting to school.  It was only about two minutes, but due to other circumstances, I ended up being distracted and set off course.  I did manage to get going for the day and things seemed to go okay.  I made it through my morning classes with minimal problems and made my way to my first prep period.  During that period I actually managed to get things filed away in my classroom which I haven’t done since the beginning of the school year either.  I then taught my next class and joined some teachers next door for lunch.  We talked about how to get videos onto our computers to use on the Smart Boards in our classroom and then I went back and taught my last period of the day.  We had a fire drill eighth period and I worked on finishing up grading papers till the end of the work day.

I came home and managed to talk to Heather about some things.  We did manage to look at Ruth’s new Ahsoka headpiece which came in the mail today and it looks a LOT better than the fabric one that came with her original costume.  I think we are well on our way to having an Ahsoka costume in my house now.  It’s only a matter of time before Heather starts working on that costume.  She’s already talking about finishing my remake of a Jedi this weekend and then finishing Tara’s Jedi.  She then talked about making the white Leia from “A New Hope” for herself, which I thought would be awesome!  We had some dinner together (spaghetti and meatballs with wheat spaghetti) and I went back downstairs and worked on some things including organizing my computer desk.  After that, Heather and I watched our usual Monday night T.V. shows including “Big Bang Theory”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Worst Week”, and “C.S.I.: Miami”.  While we watched all of this, I taped “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Heroes” which I will have to watch at a later date.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 10 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Nove” by Matthew Woodring Stover……

Chapter 19 (Part 10):  Mace’s mind went numb and he suddenly couldn’t count all the corpses properly.  By guess, there were more than twenty dead bodies in the bay which equalled an entire platoon.  He noted the dead pilot and navigator as he stepped over the bodies, further into the troop bay.  He noted the charred remains of armored bodies on the floor.  Mace deduced that the militia members tried to attack Depa, who was in deep Vaapad, and found their blasters to be their own worst enemy.   Mace did notice that Depa killed the men in the ball turrets while they were still sitting in their chairs.  There was no blood and Depa managed to kill twenty-four men in less than a minute.  As Mace turned, he face kar Vastor who was looking happy and stating that she belongs on this planet.  Mace simply turned and helped Nick into the troop bay.  Nick was speechless as he entered the body laydened floor.  Mace left him there and entered the cockpit and asked Chalk to give up her seat.  Depa urged Chalk to do it, so she did.  As Mace scoured over the screens, Depa told him to say it, she doesn’t mind, as she knew what he was thinking, but Mace said he doesn’t believe she does.  Depa said that her way was not nessecarily the right way, but the only way.  Mace asked the only way to waht and Depa said t win.  Mace asked if she called all of THIS winning!…..


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