‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 19 (Part 9)

Well, it was Sunday and it was another busy Sunday here at the Crissman family household.  We got up this morning around seven o’clock or so and got the kids ready for church.  We had to be there a little early because Tara was going to be singing with her children’s choir this morning.  So, we all got dressed and had the kids eat breakfast and got ourselves together and headed off to church.  I talked to the guys who run the sound board and the computer at the back of the church this morning and we set up a time to meet this week and train me to help out.  It looks to me like they may be a little overloaded trying to do everything that they need to do.  It just seems like a little much and I’m wondering if there’s ways I can help them simplify their system.  We then sat through church service and I have to say it was a pretty clear message about Jesus’ talk about giving to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s and giving to God what is God’s.  It was a nice service and really got me going for the day.  Heather and I felt bad, but we had to, yet again, scramble to leave church to get ourselves ready for the football game for the kids today.  We left church right away and headed home.

We got home and the kids changed into their uniforms and Heather and I changed into layered clothing as today was going to be a cold game day.  We then made Austin a quick and small lunch and got on the road to get him to practice.  We dropped Austin off and then went and did some shopping of our own.  We headed over to “Party City” to try and find Austin the Boba backpack that everyone has been talking about on the Mercs boards that blows up.  But, they told me that they never received any from their distributor, so although they had a shelf tag for them, they never received any.  So, we simply got Ruth some white face make-up for her Ahsoka costume and Tara some blue make-up for her Aayla Secura costume we’re working on and got on our way.  We then went to “Gander Mountain” and got me a nice pair of sunglasses as the only two I had left in the house managed to get destroyed in the past week.  We got some sunglasses and then headed over to McDonalds and got a quick lunch and then headed back to the gamefield.  We got there in time to join the cheerleaders and watch the game.  There is only one way to describe the game – SLAUGHTER!!  And unfortunately, the slaughter wasn’t by our boys, but towards our boys.  It was a bad game and they lost 42 to 7.  This was the worst loss of the year and I don’t think it made the players feel any better about their winless season.

We got done with the game and then took Austin to McDonalds and got him a lunch to go and then headed over to Vestal to head to Wal Mart.  We looked in Wal Mart for all sorts of things from make-up lipstick to the jetpack for Austin to the Star Wars section to the Guitar Hero controller for the PS3.  We found their shelves to be almost empty.  So, we headed over to Target to look for the same things.   We found there some of the things we were looking for.  In particular, we found the Guitar Hero controller and game bundle with the Aerosmith game.  I was excited to have found this.  We then had Heather head on over to Kohls as they were advertising job opportunities and she has yet to hear back from J.C. Penny’s.  So, she filled out an application as I went to “Circuit City” to try and find some more rechargable 9V batteries.  They didn’t have any, but suggested Radio Shack, which I had never thought about before.  I then took a minute to watch the Rams game in there and find out that the Rams were actually winning their game!  Holy cow, two weeks in a row, and this week was against the Cowboys!  There may be hope for my favorite team yet!  We got done there and joined Heather at Kohls.  I managed to find a Star Wars calendar that was on sale there and we headed out to Radio Shack.  We found some 9V rechargables at Radio Shack and bought one as they seemed a little expensive, but at least they had them.  We then headed out and drove home.  When we got home, I decided to take a bunch of my stuff and go downstairs and then I came back upstairs and helped Heather with dinner.  Apparently, I need to look at the starter on my grill and it may need to be replaced.  It’s something I’ll have to do next spring.  We had some steak, salad, and apples for dinner.  After dinner I went downstairs and watched some more football, while I fixed Austin’s voice amp again as it got ruined at the “Boo at the Zoo” event this past weekend.  I got done with that and unpacked a whole bunch of the new stuff I got and then cleaned up a little around the shop and then started to watch my favorite T.V. shows “The Simpsons”, “Amazing Race”, taped “Family Guy”, watched “American Dad”, watched the tape of “Family Guy” and then watched “The Unit” as CBS’ line-up was messed up because of the Jets/Raiders game going into overtime.  I then worked on my blog and grading some papers and got things ready for the week.  It’s going to be a nice relaxing week for me.  I haven’t had one of those since the school year began!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 19 (Part 9):  As they fell, Mace used The Force to guide their decent and Nick curled up into a ball as he cursed obscenities.  Mace guided their decent towards Depa’s gunship that was now appearing as though it were crippled and helpless.  They continued to fall at their even rate of just a little less than three hundred kilometers per hour.  As they came closer to the roof of the gunship, Mace exterted a considerable amount of his Force Strength to keep them from being wrecked by their landing.  Mace reacched out and grabbed the widescan sensor dish mount while he held on to Nick who was no face down looking at a kilomter drop to the jungle below.  Nick then said to Mace that he forgave him from when they met and Mace broke his arm.  Mace said thank you as he pulled the Korun up onto the roof.  He told Mace to go ahead as he was going to lie here and shake uncontrallably as he hugged the dish mount.  Mace used The Force to steady himself as he crawled forward on his hands and knees to the cockpit of the ship.  Chalk, who was sitting in the nav computer seat, looked up and swore at Mace for scaring her.  Depa reached up from the pilot’s chair and put her hand on his and commented that she thought that she only had to save his life once more, and Mace said to excuse him.  Mace flipped himself into the cockpit and stood next to Vastor as he told them that Nick was still on the roof and they need to open a bay door for him.  As Depa used the controls to keep control of the gunship’s spin, she opned up the bay doors half-way to create a chute for Nick to slide down .  Mace asked Kar to help him in, and Kar asked why he should.  Mace decided not to debate him and slid past him himself and then learned the terrible truth.  The troop bay was filled with dead bodies.  It was obvious that Depa had chosen a full ship…..

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