‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 19 (Part 7)

Thursday and mass chaos day for me.  Of course, the next three days are going to basically turn into mass chaos days for me.  I got up this morning, reluctantly, and got myself going for the day.  I am beginning to notice that my pants don’t fit right anymore.  I believe it’s because I’ve lost this thirty pounds that I’ve lost and quite honestly it’s getting annoying to have to keep pulling my pants up throughout the day.  I’m going to have to consider getting new pants and a new belt sometime in the very near future.  Anyway, I took a shower and got myself and the kids going for the day.  Tara has a new infactuation right now, she got given three hermit crabs last night at Girl Scouts and she decided that she needed to play with them this morning before we got going.  I needed to remind her to stay on task several times.  I had to laugh at this concept their doing because she got given hermit crabs to work on her “pets” badge.  The irony is that we have a dog at home that they don’t take care of very well.  I digress.  I headed off to school while the kids headed off to school.  My school day was a little chaotic.  I did manage to start the video projects and it’s been slow going at this point.  I’m going through the usual camera shock where students don’t want to get up in front of the camera.  I give that a little time and it will all change.  My second period class were upset to find out that they weren’t doing the project and that they were starting my alternative assignment – “West Side Story”.  They haven’t put two and two together yet though.  I told them we would be watching an opera later that is based on the same story line.  They’re not really upset yet, but they will probably get upset later.  I managed to get through the school day and then left from school and went over to the zoo to talk over the situation for Boo at the Zoo which starts tomorrow night.  I walked up to our part in the park and I have to say, it’s looking pretty cool!  I’m pretty excited about our ability to add to the event by being there tomorrow night and Saturday.  I got done talking to the people at the zoo about the event there and then came home.  I ate some dinner and graded some papers before we had to leave again to go to parent/teacher night for Ruth and Austin.  It went okay and we got a chance to get the know the teachers a little better and then Heather and I stopped at CVS and headed home.  By the time we got home, it was nine o’clock, so I scrambled to get the rest of my papers graded and then downloaded some info for the recording in my class tomorrow.  We watched “C.S.I.” and then watched a tape of “Survivor” and went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 19 (Part 7):  CRC-09/571 was enraged and only assumed this was an imposter and asked Windu for a verification code, and when provided with one, it checked out.  He was convinced they would all die, but followed by orders and soon all the guns on the Republic ships went silent.  As CRC-09/571 got pounded on all sides by droid starfighters, he started to notice that there were two gunships being chased by the other gunships.  He noted they were in a steep climb toward teh droid starfighters and for every maneuver they pulled, the more DSFs got hit by gunship fire.  Somehow CRC-09/571 had a good feeling about this.  From the cockpit of their gunship, Mace instructed Nick to fire the missile at the droid starfighers.  Nick flipped a switch and twenty-six of the DSFs had internal missile lock alarms go off from a friendly ship.  The brains of the ships were confused as they were not programmed to handle both their primary mission, destroying Republic starships, and taking friendly fire.  To make it even more confusing on them, they were getting hit from laser blasts from the gunships and now thirty-two DSFs experienced the same cognitive problem as they got hit from missiles coming from Depa’s gunship…..


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