‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 19 (Part 1)

Well, it was Thursday and it was time for the big presentation today!  I got up this morning looking at this day in a very bright and upbeat fashion.  I was hopeful that everything would go smooth and I am convinced that a positive attitude goes a lot longer than anything else in this world.  I got up and got going for the day and my kids did the same.  They seemed like they were eager and ready to get going for the day and I have to say that even Tara was looking forward to school today.  Of course, most kids look forward to school when they have a four day weekend coming up.  I got out the door on time as the kids were on their way to school.  It was good to be on time for once.  I got to school and got things set up for the day today.  I knew it was going to be a little bit of chaos as we were running our Z Evacuation drill and then having twenty-five minute classes, which is EXTREMELY short compared to the forty-five I’m used to getting with my students.  We ran the Z Evacuation without a hitch this morning, and for the most part, the kids were well behaved.  We got done with the drill and then we ran periods one through four for the rest of the day.  Man, that was tough considering I teach periods one through three and somehow I was expected to get my room ready for the presentation this afternoon.  I basically had to stay in during lunch and clean up my room for the presentation.   I won’t lie, I was extremely nervous presenting to my fellow faculty members.  I hope the presentation wasn’t too boring for them and I hope that they appreciated all I did for them, including buying some candy and having it on the desks to “butter” them up.  I think they did considering the reaction I got at the end.  Quite honestly, when I finished up with my presentation, I breathed a massive sign of relief.  I got done with my presentation and came home to a wife that was bursting at the seams.  She had had enough with her workplace.  Her boss, the one she claims to admire as much as she does, pretty much said she costs her too much money and he doesn’t get his money’s worth out of her.  I told her that if it’s than enraging, then she should go out on interviews right NOW!  So, she did.  She went about applying for jobs she thought where they would need work.  She applied at Staples, Lowes, Joann’s Fabrics (she has an interview there next week), Wegmans, and had a GREAT interview with high prospects at J.C. Penny’s.  She said they pretty much hired her on the spot, but they have to do a background check and she’ll have to wait until after the holiday weekend for them to finish processing the paperwork.  I, on the other hand, had to take Austin to and from football practice and take care of things around the house this evening while she did all of this.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much done.  She got home and was very excited and wanted to go in tomorrow and tell her boss that she was putting in her two-weeks notice.  I told her not to and to wait until Penney’s did the background check to make sure she had a job before quitting the current one.  We spent the rest of the night watching T.V. together on my replacement T.V. in the basement.  I’m a little upset because it’s MUCH smaller than my old T.V. and quite honestly of poorer quality.  I will be very happy when my T.V. is back.  I’m even more upset to find out today that it won’t go out for repairs until Wednesday of next week.  I figure I’ve lost my T.V. for at least a month and I just don’t like the idea that my T.V. is out for repairs.  I want my “baby” back.  I could relax a little tonight and I continued to work on the shadow box for my Star Wars book and also managed to get some blogging done as well as cleaning up around the house a little.  I also had to read an article for the P.L.G. we’re doing tomorrow for our workshop day.  Lots of things to get done and little time in which to get them done.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 19 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover……

Chapter 19 (Part 1):  Ship To Ship – Mace turned from what he just witnessed and began to focus on the fifty-three ships that were now showing up on the scopes.  Mace instructed Nick to take the nav. computer.  Nick asked where to sit and what to do and Mace told him to sit next to im and keep track of the monitors.  He then yelled back to Kar and Chalk and told them they have thirty seconds to get their repulsor packs on.  Nick held onto the yolks of the co-pilot seat with a firm grip as the wind whipped through the cockpiet, through the hold in the transparisteel casing.  Nick moved the yolk around as he asked what it did.  Mace told him not to touch, but Nick pushed the buttons on the yolk and the quad lasers fired.  He told Mace, graciously, that he shouldn’t have handed him fire conrol as it wasn’t even his birthday.  Mace then told him to stay watch on the sensors and shut up.  He reminded Nick to watch teh sensors.  Reds were friendlies and blues were hostiles.  As Nick spoke out about what he was seeing, he suddenly realized that friendlies were the enemy and vice versa.  Just as he finished talking about the subject, the missile lock alert buzzed and Nick informed Mac that they had six incoming missiles.  Mace told him to use the computer to come up with a counter fire, but Nick said he would, once he went through gunnery school!…..


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