‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” – Chapter 18 (Part 5)

What Thursday it was today!  I woke up this morning and my allergies were simply on overdrive!  I could not walk two steps without having to blow my nose.  Annoying and really hard on my face and the skin on my nose.  This continued to be a problem throughout the day today and unfortunately, because they have taken all of the effective drugs off the shelves because of the morons who make Meth, I was forced to try to use some altierior medicines today.  Some worked and some did not.  I got up this morning and got my kids ready for school, while blowing my nose every three seconds.  We did manage to get out the door on time, but Tara had to fight with Ruth and Austin all morning long, just to try and irritate me like she loves to do!  Man, I really need to figure out what goes on inside that child’s head!  I got to school and the day went a little better from there.  My students were doing Music History, which I get into a lot and we had a pretty good day talking about he History of Music and I think the students are really starting to enjoy their days in class with Music History.  I got till lunch time and then realized I didn’t have a lunch.  Heather forgot to pack me one, and since she had a short day today, she decided to go out for lunch with me today.  Luckily, she was willing to stop at C.V.S. for me and picked up some tissues as I had run out in my classroom and she also picked up some Vick’s Dayquil Allergy medicine for me.  We decided to go and meet Heather at Taco Bell (so much for my diet!) and I had two Volcano Tacos, and a Beef Meximelt.  Quite honestly, not bad considering that I was at a fast food restaurant and it filled me up.  I got back to school and got through the day, even a bloc meeting we had.  I got done with the day and Heather met me at school.  I had brought along my tools and the green screen, and she picked up some chains and S-hooks, alond with my six-foot ladder to try and put up my new green screen.  Well, the concept worked, except that the six foot ladder wasn’t long enough.  So, I had to borrow the eight footer from the custodians.  I dropped the chains from the girders of the ceiling above the drop ceiling and voila, I had a green screen!  It’s gonna work great, in all honesty!  Heather left early to meet up with the kids and I met her about an hour later.  When I got home, I got right to work.  I started spraying the second green screen with paint, until it was time for dinner.  After dinner, I took Austin to football practice and came home.  I then put online all of the things we wanted to sell on Ebay.  That took some time and while I did that, my computer worked on processing some things that needed to get taken care of.  After that, I went downstairs and started to work on my big project of the day.  I started to make a Cafe Press Store for “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  Seemed like an easy enough idea, but it wasn’t!  I had to work and rework images all night long until I got them to the point I liked them.  Then, after about two hours worth of work, I have Nathan Butler IM me saying he “owns” the copyright to the logo for my show.  Now, I’m not sure if “owns” is the proper terminology her considering everyone on the Fanworks page really doesn’t “own” any of their logos.  But, quite honestly, I forgot that Nathan had made the logo for my show.  He actually threatened to sue me and turn me in to Sue Rostoni and the people who run the Cafe Press store.  Now, I think that’s a little harsh, especially considering the original logo had the “Star Wars” logo on it with the name of my podcast over that, and I knew there really was no way for him to do that without getting himself into legal trouble either, but I decided it was time to change my logo and make it MINE!  So, I spent some time designing my logo, and voila, what you see at the top of the page is my new logo and it is on every web page that I have now designed.  It’s also the logo on all of my products.  So, by the time I changed the logo on my cafe press store and all my webpages, it ended up being one in the morning on Friday morning.  So much for my early bed time!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 18 (Part 5):  The akks, unlike the stampeding grassers, were organized and effective.  They chewed on men’s flesh with their teeth and whipped others with their tales.  They were even able to sense who was “playing” dead and were able to dispatch of them quickly.  The GAVs and their blasters were useless against the armored hydes of the akks.  They killed the leaders and left the other militia to die by the entrance of the cave.  The militia unit commander did the only thing he could see as a logical way out.  He called in an airstrike.  As the commander called in the strike, one third of the gunships were already shuttling troops toward their direction.  As the gunships approached, they dumped arpitroops out of their troop bay as they launched a salvo of missiles out of their missile launchers.  The akk dog’s only hope was to leap into the trees, which they did.  That’s when the militia commander ordered his five GAVs to move forward, until a pair of proton torpedoes turned one of the GAVs into scrap metal…..


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