‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 17 (Part 5)

Well, it’s Friday and I got up this morning with many things to get accomplished.  It was a typical day of the week.  I got myself up and got the kids up and got them ready to go for the day.  We were able to get up and get going for the day without any hiccups.  Things went swimmingly as far as my morning at home.  My morning at school, however, turned into complete chaos!  I got to school and decided that I needed to use the laptops on the carts in our school, because my students needed to do research in class.  Well, I tried a whole bunch of different carts in the room and I couldn’t get the locks to work.  I finally found a cart that worked and realized the laptops weren’t plugged in and the batteries had died on them.  So I plugged them in quick and hoped they would rebound when we had the assembly this morning.  We were supposed to do two things this morning.  We were supposed to vote for Student Council, after listening to speeches from each candidate.  Then we were supposed to got outside and release balloons and start off the new school year with a campaign that was developed about two years ago.  Well, it was raining like cats and dogs outside, so they wanted to bring the concept indoors.  So, I was asked to set up the sound-system in the auditorium and had to have an administrator watch the students I had for first period in order to do this.  Then the person running the event asked me to hook up her Ipod to the system.  I felt validated later when I was thanked in an email later in the day.  Once we got done with the assembly we then did speeches and elections.  Then we went on with our shortened day and I feel like I had hit the ground running.  Each period was only thirty minutes long and it turned into it’s own little amount of chaos.  I got through the day and breathed a sigh of relief.  On my way home, I called Heather and let her know how much I got in my check and she commented about how she needed a new vacuum cleaner.  So, I suggested she go get a new one.  Tonight.  She was hesitant, but I convinced and explained that there were some things I wanted to go out and get myself, so it would make sense.  So, we ended up going to Sears and finding a nice Kenmore vacuum cleaner.  Of course, I tried to convince her to go bag-less, but the idiot salesman who didn’t know how to operate the vacuums changed her mind back to a bagged vacuum.  We got done with that and I suggested to Heather that we get the MP3 player that crapped out on me over the summer.  She actually agreed and we headed for “Circuit City” where I found a nice 1 GB Sansa for a reasonable price.  After we got done with this, we were all massivcly hungry, so Heather suggested we go to Pizza Hut, get some dinner and then we would be able to have left overs for lunch tomorrow.  Made sense, so we did.  Of course, I only realized later that we ate pizza at seven-thirty at night.  We got done and came home and I helped unload the car.  Heather left and went back out for another errand and I put her vacuum cleaner together and then attacked an awful smell in the fridge and found out that we had chicken rotting in the fridge.  Heather got home, and I went downstairs and worked on moving my Star Wars music over to my new MP3 player.  After that, we decided to watch some T.V. and then go to bed.  It was late and we had many things to do tomorrow.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 17 (Part 5):  Depa said it can’t be true, and wondered why she could never seem to win.  Mace said they’ve already caught a medium cruiser adn two members of the Jedi Council.  He said the landers willl be pursued by Trade Federation droid starfigthers and if they’re pinned in between the starfighters and the militia, they won’t make it.  Then Mace floated her lightsaber between them and said she could make a choice.  She said her choice doesn’t matter, but Mace said it matters to him.  Depa said that it doesn’t matter and that they can’t fight what is around them.  She told Mace it’s not an enemy, it’s a jungle and there’s nothing he can do about it.  But Mace told Depa that she has not learned from Haruun Kal.  He told her that the Korunnai fight the jungle.  He explained that this is what “The Summertime War” is all about.   The Balawai want the jungle for the profit of it, and the Korunnai simply want to kick the crap out of it!  He asked why the Korunnai are the enemies of the jungle.  Depa asked if it was a riddle, but Mace said a lesson.  Depa said she was done with lessons, but Mace commented that they are never done with lessons and asked her again.  She thought for a moment as she starred off at the floating lightsaber and a moment of openness struck her.  She said because they are descended from Jedi.   Mace said yes, but Depa said you can’t fight the way things are.  She began to tear-up and told Mace they can never win.  He said we don’t have time to win, we have to fight.  She said he can’t just forgive her.  He told her that as a member of The Jedi Council and a Master, he cannot, but as her friend, he can forgive everything.  He told her to take the weapon to go save those men, so she took it.


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