‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 17 (Part 4)

Thursday and it was an okay day today.  I got up this morning and felt better than I did yesterday morning.  I still wasn’t a hundred percent, but more like ninety-percent.  I kept taking pepto today and drinking lots of water and that seemed to be doing the trick.  Tara was still being a pain this morning and I began to loose my patience with her.  She just has decided to try and be as much of a pain as she can be to me, just to see how far she can push me.  I got the kids out the door and I was out the door in time to get to work and school.  My students seemed to be behaving today and seemed to be understanding that I’m taking my class more serious now.  We even had a great bloc meeting today talking about discipline and what we’re doing in our classrooms that works and what we do in classrooms that doesn’t work.  It was good to share and good to know that everyone else was on the same page I was.  I also managed to find out today that an art teacher at my school, along with myself, are going to be presenting about MYP to a bunch of collegues on a half day that is coming up.  I’m excited about the concept and nervous all at once.  I hope that I can provide a workshop that’s not boring, but exciting and has people walking away with valuable information.  Let’s hope I can do that.  I know I can, I’m just a little nervous about it.  I got done with my day and told Heather that I needed to go to Lowes on my way home and pick up some spray paint to work on painting some screens in the garage to make green screens for school.  I went and got some gas and then spray paint on my way home.  I got home and it was mass chaos from the word go.  Once I got home, Heather and I had to immediately eat and then get right to Tara’s school for parent curriculum night.  We had a good time there and I got home and then it was time to get  things ready for the evening.  I had hopes of getting to editing my podcast, but no such luck.  Instead, I worked on some things on my blog and then watched some T.V. and then it was time for bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 17 (Part 4):  Depa told Mace not to look at her as he was not supposed to see her like this.  She told Mace that she was sorry that she couldn’t be different or better.  Mace squeezed her shouldr and told her she can, because she has to.  She told Mace that she feels so lost and Mace remembered what Depa’s hallucination had told him, “It’s in the darkest night, that the light we are shines brightest.”  She then asked Mace what he knows of darkness and then said it’s like a blind man knowing about the starts.  But Mace said they still need Jedi, like he needs her.  She told Mace she was no longer a Jedi.  She quit, resigns, withdraws.  She thought he understood that.  Mace said he understood, but didn’t accept it.  She told him is’t not up to him, and he demanded she get up.  She said she was no longer a padawan and Mace demanded she get up again!  As a reflex, she instinctively got up.  Mace told her that minutes from now, a thousand clone soldiers will be joining them and she said the “Halleck” can save them.  Mace clarified saying they have to save the soldiers.  He explained it’s because the whole system is a trap and they will be coming in under fire.  All of the Seperatist movement on this planet has been a trap!….


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