‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 17 (Part 3)

Wednesday.  Middle of the week and I have to say that I’ve got a lot accomplihsed this week, but i have a LOT more to do before the end of the week nears.  I got up this morning and felt like total crap!  I wasn’t sure why I felt this way, but I did.  I had diahrea in the worst way (sorry to get so gross) and I just didn’t feel right.  That was when the realization came to me that I may feel this way because of what I had eaten last night for dinner.  Part of my dinner was finishing off the chinese food from Sunday night and I think it’s possible that I’ve been dieting so long now, that my body is rejecting food that is high in grease and MSG.  Anyway, as bad as I felt I still managed to get up and get the kids going for the day. Of course, of all mornings, Tara has to decide to fight me today about whether or not she is going to go to school or not.  I waited for the babysitter to show up and then I was off to work and the kids were off to school.  I got to school and I was still not feeling well.  I think my students knew I was off because all my classes behaved like they should on most days.  We had a book club luncheon for lunch and I hate to say this, but I wasn’t happy with the food.  The main dish was Halupki, and I’m not a fan of cooked cabbage to begin with, and the Halupki wasn’t cooked bad, but because of my stomach, it set me off again to have more stomach problems later on in the day.  I made it through my work day and got home.  I asked Heather if I could take a nap, and she agreed and let me go to the basement and lay on my chair and take a nap.  After a while, Heather woke me up to come upstairs for dinner.  She had a nice mild dinner for me that consisted of wheat pasta, cream of mushroom soup, and turkey.  It was nice and seemed to settle my stomach a little bit.  I also took some pepto this evening and that seemed to work as well.  As I said earlier, I don’t think I’m sick, I think my body was reacting to the Chinese food I had.  I felt better after dinner and decided I better get to grading papers for my classroom, so I went downstairs and watched my tape of Monday Night CBS shows, while I worked on grading papers.  I watched “Big Bang Theory”, “How I Met Your Mother”, Two and a Half Men”, and some other new show before I had to turn it off for the Wednesday night shows.  Once I got to eight o’clock, I switched over to blogging while I watched “Night Rider”, “Till Death” and “Lipstick Jungle” and tapped “CSI:  NY” to watch at a later date.  Heather and I then went to bed at eleven o’clock.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 17 (Part 3):  Smoke and dust covered the cavern that had a nasy stench that grew with the drop of another DOKAW.  The grassers were in this care and were trampling each other in the choas of collapsing caves.  The Korunnai tried their best to seperated the beasts, but to no avail.  Throught the smoke, Mace caught the eyes of a lone akk dog, and lost it’s look again.  Behind Mace, Korunnai brought in the EWHB and shoulder fired torpedo launchers on stretchers.  Chalk was assisted in by Nick and five pairs of Korunnai spread all around the room, holding five protons in pouches, apiece.  Staunch booming rocked the cave and Mace pointed to a cave off the main chamber where an ankkox was whipping the walls and floor of it’s pen with it’s tail.  A stretcher bearer, Nick, and Chalk all moved in that direction.  Mace looked over his shoulder at Vastor and his akk guards who nodded at Mace.  Mace returned the nod and waited for a response.  Vastor’s men moved in on the grassers killing the weak ones and those that were doomed to die anyway.  They swooped in, in a V formation with Vastor at the front tip.  Mace thought it was brutal, but necessary.  Mace turned, nodded and knew he had to get on to his own task.  As he entered the cavern, he saw her.  She was in the corner with her face in her hands as she sobbed.  When Mace reached her side, he did not know what to say.  “Depa…”, he said.  As she lifted her head and looked at Mace, he was speechless.  As he looked at ther head, where the Chalactan Greater Mark of Illumination should have been, was a massive scar that looked like it had festered for quite some time.  The Lesser Mark, called the Seeker, was sill at the bridge of her nose.  This would change her point of view on the universe.  She was now alone in the void…..


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