‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 15 (Part 7)

I woke up this morning exhausted, frustrated, and ready to kill the maker of Windows Vista!  I have been losing sleep over a project that should have been done by now.  I got up around eight o’clock this morning and continued working on this project.  It was getting to be a royal pain.  I managed to make a DVD last night, but it was skipping in the DVD player this morning.  So, I decided I needed to move all my files from the Desktop to the laptop computer in order to make the DVD’s.  Sounded easy, doesn’t it?  I even had a plan to use the external hard drive to move the larger files.  Well, that couldn’t be easy either.  Instead, my external drive wouldn’t let me move a file because it was formatted as a Fat32 drive.  What does that mean?  It can’t move anything larger than 2 GB.  So, I went on the Internet to try and research why this was.  Well, I found out that my hard drive is formatted a certain way that does not allow me to transfer files that are larger than 2 GB.  So, the only way I could move the files onto the hard drive was to format the external hard drive.  I figured this could not be a hard concept.  I was wrong!  Nope, the only way I was going to be able to format that drive was to loose everything on it.  But, I have all of my files for “The Jedi Council Speaks” are on this drive and I was unwilling to loose all that info.  So, after much begging, my wife was willing to let me go get an external hard drive and format it to an NTFS style drive.  So, I left the house and went to Staples and got an external hard drive with 250 GB for under $100.  I was really excited and happy that I was able to start this concept.  Well, it wasn’t as easy, yet again!  I formatted the new hard drive in the new format, which took two hours in and of itself.  So, while I waited, I couldn’t help myself, I went downstairs and played two hours of “Call of Duty 4” online.  I got done formatting the drive and then transferred the AVI file to the hard drive and took it downstairs to make the DVD and it STILL didn’t work in a DVD player!  Then it dawned on me, I didn’t need a DVD that works in a player per say.  I was going to play this on a computer, so I only needed the raw files.  So, I wrote the files to DVD’s and got to work.  I worked the entire evening and got two or three hours of video transferred to DVD.  That took my whole afternoon and evening and I only stopped long enough to eat some dinner and continued on.  I stayed up pretty late and didn’t get to bed until about midnight.  I was tired, I was upset, but I was happy that I was finally able to accomplish what I set out to do about four days ago.  It was a long day, but I was looking forward to tomorrow.

Okay, let’s do Part 7 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 15 (Part 7):  Vastor was still in the air and Nick still blasting away when Mace yelled, “stop!”  Nick asked Mace what he was doing, Vastor just tried to kill him.  Vastor told Mace it was time to stop talking and start fighting.  Mace agreed, but said they don’t need to fight each other.  Mace pointed toward the need to fight each other.  Mace pointed toward the sky as an object blew through the atmosphere turning it orange then red.  Nick said it can’t be the lander and Mace said it isn’t and THEY aren’t.  Nick then swore and asked if they were DOKAWS adn Mace said there were at least five.  Vastor blamed Mace for bringing them here.  Mace said they can lay blame later, but that there is something they need to do now.  Nick asked what adn Mace said “run!”  So they did.

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