‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 15 (Part 6)

Friday.  A new day and the last day of the week.  I got up this morning and got myself going for the day.  The kids seemed to be in a better mood today.  I’m not quite sure why.  Maybe it was because it was the end of the week.  Either that or they were getting used to their schedule.  It was a good morning overall and not too bad.   They got off to school and I headed off to work.  Work went pretty well.  My eighth graders watched the music videos we’ve created over the past two years and I can seem them scheming already on what they want to do for their projects.  My seventh graders started to learn about Podcasts and my sixth graders were starting American Idol, Season 7 on tape.  I decided to bring my VCR to school and hook it up to the Smart Board since I couldn’t seem to get the tape onto the computer.  I got through my day and had a mission when I came home.  I was going to get the VCR tapes onto the computer if it was the last thing I do!  Well, my wife kind of changed my mind on that today.  She texted me this morning and let me know that she wanted to go out this evening and go shopping.  Okay, so, so much for my extra time this evening.  At lunch today we went to New York Chef’s and got pizza and I had two slices of cheese and I have to say that after being on my diet, those two pieces of pizza are suddenly REALLY filling.  I got done with school and came home and basically changed clothes and got ready to go out.

Heather and I waited for the kids to get home and then we all left together.  We went to Aldi’s first and started grocery shopping.  We went crazy looking at labels and focusing specifically on carbs alone.  We realized that food shopping was now not necessarily going to be easy anymore.  We did find many things that are low in carbs, but at the same time, found out that some of their “Fit and Active” items had more calories and more carbs in them than some the same items with the normal label.  Ugh!  Suddenly being on a diet and eating healthy is not such an easy task anymore.  We did our best and got that done.  We then headed to Wal Mart to try and find some things.  We mostly food shopped, but I told Heather I wanted to find a way to heat water up in the morning at school.  We didn’t find anything at Wal Mart.  I did see the Wal Mart section of Star Wars toys which are full of Clone Wars toys, but miraculously, I didn’t buy any.  The budget’s still a little tight for any of that.  We got done at Wal Mart and Heather suggested we check out “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” for a tea pot.  We found a nice one that will heat my water up via electricity for only ten bucks there, on sale!  So, we picked it up.  By this point it was close to seven o’clock and I was hungry.  So we all stopped at Wendy’s and got some dinner. We made some smart choices.  I got a triple with cheese without the bun or anything on it but the cheese and ketchup.  I replaced the fries with an order of Chili and I got Diet Coke as my drink.  I have to say it all tasted good and the best part was I was full when I was done.

We got done at Wendy’s and went home and unloaded the car.  I finished helping Heather with putting everything away.  After that I went back to working on my videos.  I finally got the hardware to talk with Windows Vista.  I was able to record, but now because of our DVD writer on the desktop, I have no way to get it to DVD and the files are too large to transfer from one computer to another. I’ll have to try and figure out what I’m gonna do tomorrow.  I didn’t get to bed until two o’clock Saturday morning.

Okay, so it’s time to talk about Part 6 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 15 (Part 6):  In The Force, the world has turned into a crystal.  Mace began to see shatterpoints in everyone and everything.  Moments that had been and in moments that will be.  The ignition of his blace was a shatterpoint of this Summertime War.  For a moment he began to see ti all.  He began to review the shatterpoints that already occured.  How the gunships arrived at the Balawai before he even lit the signal fire.  How they arrived at the bunker shortly after he ignited his blade to defend the childran.  He reflected about how Vastor suggested Mace made the Balawai fear the Jedi blade, yet they did not.  He realized that at the notch pass the gunships were ordered to leave.  And he realized he was alone and that if he was killed before reaching Depa, it would not solve the militia’s Jedi problem.  He realized that the long wait in the Ministry of Justice was not an interrogation technique.  He instead saw them testing his Jedi blade in a shielded room to measure it’s signature.  This way they could calibrate their satellites to alert them each time my blade was ignited.  Geptun wanted Mace to get out of Pelek Baw and make contact with Depa, the ULF, and the missing Korunnai.  He felt a shatterpoint in the gunships that were at the Lorshan Pass packed with hundreds of hate-filled troops.  Then he felt another fracture point in an orbiting satellite.  This satellite released large docking clamps releasing and object into the atmosphere at too steep an angle for any spacecraft…..


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