‘Star Wars Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 15 (Part 3)

Well, it was Tuesday, but it sure felt like a Monday to me!  I got up this morning and I just didn’t want to get up.  I ended up snoozing for about ten minutes, which I needed to do just to feel ready for the day.  I got up and got the kids going for the day today.  It wasn’t too bad this morning, the kids were ready on time and I managed to get myself ready on time.  So, it was a good morning.  The babysitter showed up to watch Tara and the kids headed off to school with an umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs this morning.

I got to school and got things going for the day and the band instructor let me know that my department chair was stopping by the building to discuss what she has ordered for him.  Well, I know she won’t talk to me because no one supports my program from a monetary sense, so I didn’t need to worry about seeing her.  So, I went about my day as I normally would and my students are starting to show their true colors.  As I like to say, the honeymoon period is over.  They’re starting to act out and they’re starting to talk too much again.  Tomorrow I’m going to have to really enforce my rules quite a bit again.  It’s just getting to that point.  At lunch, we went to “New York Chefs” and I took my lunch along as I was planning on eating it because I’m still on this diet and I’ve decided I’m only eating pizza there once a week.  While we were there, our friend Nancy joined us for lunch for a little bit which was a nice little retreat from the day.  I came back and had one more period to teach for the day.  It wasn’t a bad day, just a tiring one.

I got done with school and then had a workshop for Smart Board.  It wasnt’ a bad workshop, but I was already tired and was having a hard time staying awake.  However, I have learned quite a bit in this one two hour workshop.  I still have a TON of questions, but I’m excited to try and start to use some of these concepts in my own classroom.  It should make the rest of this week and next week a little more interesting for both me and the kids at school.  I got done with my workshop and came home.  Heather had already taken Austin to football practice and I sat and ate dinner.  I had a nice chicken, rice, and egg cassarole that Heather makes that’s nice and healthy.  I then went downstairs and sat down and I was so tired, I fell asleep for a half an hour.  In the meantime, Heather took care of talking with the Schwan’s man and went and picked up Austin from practice.  I then got up and watched the T.V. show “Fringe” and then “Hole In The Wall” and then I watched “Big Brother” (which I taped) and then went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 15 (Part 3):  Kar explained that if Mace does not get on it and leave, then his soldier will be instructed to destroy it, the pilot, and all the soldiers on board.  Kar said Mace isn’t the only one with hostages.  Mace said he is grateful for this and agreed saying his decision has now been made much easier.  Nick asked if they were sill leaving.  But Mace said they will not leave without Depa.  Vastor started to get angry and told Windu that he does not make idle threats.  Mace said that Kar being here proves Depa does not know him, the fact that she thought he would bow to threats proves she knows him even less.  Kar said that if the lander is destroyed, it will be as though Mace killed them himself.  Mace explained that instead, it will show that Kar Vastor has decided to take up arms against The Republic.  Vastor retorted saying The Republic has nothign to do with this as it’s personal.  Mace explained that he put Depa under arrest three days ago and placed her on parole based on her word of honor.  Mace explained that now he must put both of them under custody.  Mace then charged Vastor with the murder of Terrel Nakay.  Nick asked Mace if he knew what he was doing…..


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