‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 15 (Part 1)

Well, it’s Sunday and it was the first Sunday of this year’s football season both for my son’s league and the NFL.  We got up this morning and started to get ready for church.  While I was taking my shower, Heather came in and pointed out that we may not be able to go to church today.  She talked me through her thought process and it made sense.  We would need to leave our church service around ten-thirty and that would probably be in the middle of our pastor’s sermon, which would be extremely rude to just get up and leave.  So, we decided that we would focus on getting the kids ready for the football game since Austin and the girls had to be there at eleven o’clock for pictures.  So, we had a little time to ourselves this morning, so I went downstairs and worked on some work and my blog for a little bit and then got things together for the afternoon.

We got to the field and got things together for the day.  Heather had to organize the girls for pictures and Austin and the girls took their pictures early to get them out of the way.  After that, Heather asked me if I wanted to go do some things while she worked with the girls and Austin practiced with the team.  I took the car and went to the local “Qwik Fill” and put $20 in the gas tank, got some ice and soda/water for the girls of the team and Heather.  On my way back, I stopped in at “Party City” to see if they had an Ahsoka Tano costume for Ruth for halloween and they had NOTHING for her.  They had some other cool things, including a blow-up jet pack, which I thought would be a cool addition to Austin’s Mando costume, which we’ll get later.  I decided to go over to “Toys R Us” as well and see what they have.  They had an Ahsoka costume and some cool toys, but the budget’s tight, I’ll have to wait till later before I can even THINK about getting any of that stuff.  I got done there and went back to the field.

Austin was just finishing practice and Heather was getting things ready.  I stayed at one end of the field while the girls were with Heather at the other end.  As they were announced, we had them run from Heather to me.  It seemed to work.  Well, for their first week, the girls were cute.  The team, needs some work.  They were called offsides over six times in the game, they weren’t tackling well, and got caught not executing the basics.  Even my own son is responsible for this when he played the role of Safety and gave up on pursuit of a running back that ran past him for a touchdown.  Simply put, they lost.  The upside of the game was that they did score with less than a minute to go, so they didn’t get totally blown out.  We got done with the game and I took the cooler back to the car, while Heather took the girls over for another picture and Austin had a post-game meeting.  I came back to the field, picked up Austin and we went over and waited for the girls to take a picture.  There was a LOT of stress over there and I suggested we leave and the President of the Football League thumped on me about not willing to “give back to the community”.  I simply told her that she’s dealing with young kids that just finished a game and are tired.  Like I said, a lot of stress.  We then picked up our chicken barbecue food to go and came home.

We got home and sat down and ate all of our chicken.  After that, I started to watch some afternoon NFL football and Heather took a nap, and I’ll admit that I fell asleep in the chair while I “watched” some T.V.  We both got up from our naps and did some small things around the house and did some snacking for dinner (cheese and some fruit) and decided to watch some T.V. together.  We watched some football and then watched “Big Brother”.  After that she went upstairs and cooked some food for the week and did some research on the web while I watched “Family Guy”.  After that, we went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 15 (Part 1):  The Trap – Nick stood there with his slug pistol in shooter’s position, aimed at the person who just walked inot the cave.  Mace begged Nick not to do it, and Nick said he will if he has to.  Mace told him he’ll simply block the bullet like he does with blaster bolts.  Nick told Mace he hasn’t seen him shoot.  Mace told Nick that now was not the time to show him as he put his hand on Nick’s shooting arm and lowered it.  Mace invited Kar into the light.  The lor pelek had his two vibroshields pressed back on hsi arms and he held two lightsabers, one in each hand.  That’s when Mace ahd a feeling of defeat and was really dissapointed with his padawan.  The Korun handed Nick both lightsabers and told him that she asked him to do this and explain to Mace that she didn’t want him to loose anything more.  Mace told Kar he had lost nothing and he believed it.  Mace thought to himself that Depa was simply another casualty from Geonosis.  It just took her longer to eventually die.  All Mace had lost on Haruun Kal was a dream.  A dream of peace and going back to times of normalcy…..


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