‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 14 (Part 5)

Saturday.  It was a day that we had all sorts of things planned, but we did plan on sleeping in a little bit this morning.  So, we slept in until about nine o’clock this morning and really it felt good to sleep in a little.  The kids got up with us and we told them to get dressed as we had some errands to run.  The kids got dressed and we got ourselves together and got on the road by about ten o’clock.  Heather had an eleven o’clock appointment at the nail salon, so we started out by going to CVS for some things for the kids.  Heather then decided to go to the nail salon and see if they could take her about a half hour early and they could.  I took the kids and went back home and got the cans and bottles and came back to the “Can Man” and turned them in.  We then went to Staples and got Tara some crayons and I researched it how much it will cost to transfer all my video tapes over to DVD.  Luckily it will only cost about $50, which we may be able to afford out of our next paycheck.  I checked at Radio Shack to see if they had anything cheaper, but they did not.  I then met Heather at the nail salon and waited a little bit inside before we left.  We then went over to Aldi’s and did enough shopping to make it through a week.

We came home a little tired, but ate some lunch because of getting home around one o’clock.  Heather and I took a nap and then got going on other things for the day.  I finished scanning some files into my computer and then did some copying while I played some PS3.  Heather worked on some things for football tomorrow while watching a “House” marathon on T.V.  Quite honestly, that was our evening until dinner.  We ate some dinner together (a nice “Slow Cooker Meal”) and then went back to our various corners.  I got caught up with some friends and then watched “Flyboys” on T.V.  I thought it was a great movie and well put together.  A little unrealistic at times (there is NO way an old-fashioned single prop plane can do a loop de loop the way they show in the movie), but it was a good movie with an interesting plot.  I joined Heather upstairs and we went to bed.  Tomorrow was going to be another long and busy day!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 14 (Part 5):  – She would leave soon anyway – “Says you” – The war, the planet, and the Korunnai are killing her – “No one here is hurting her” – Not on purpose, but all of your anger is draining her – “I’m just mildly cranky” – It’s not just you, it’s this whole place.  A Jedi’s connection with The Force simply amplifies that which we feel.  Anger to us is like a narcotic, a taste leaves us with an unfillable appetite.  Much like it is too late for Vastor to become a Jedi, it is too late for Depa to become a lor pelek.  Are you willing to let her commit suicide for your people? – “Hey, I’m on your side” – The “Halleck” is in-system now and Depa is on her way to meet us. – “Can you feel her?” – No, but part of her agree ment to lure Kar away was to retrieve my lightsaber.  When she promised it’s return, she had a melancholy resignation.  She could not bear for this trip to have cost me anything more.  I can sense my lightsaber and hers.  Odd, I can’t sense her, only her weapon. – “I have a bad feeling about this” – I feel it too, although my judgement has been impaired ever since I landed on this planet. – “Is it possible this is a trap and Depa sent us up here to send Kar after us?” – That has occurred to me, but Depa is not the betraying type.  She will join us.  She’s only steps away. – “Or maybe, not…” – You! – “Stop, I mean it!” – The last sound on Mace Windu’s journal is a predator’s warning growl.  {End Journal}.


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