‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Wednesday.  The pressure was on for tomorrow which is the first day with students.  I had to get to school early again today, so I had to get up earlier than I usually do for school.  I got up and lazily got ready and going for the day.  I left and ten minutes after I left the house, Heather showed up at home to take care of the kids.  I went to a workshop this morning for MYP while Heather went and did some errands with the kids.  Our workshop was okay, but seemed to be only an extension of what I had already done last week Thursday and Friday.  However, the one speaker, Dr. Pittman-Couch, was very well spoken and even funny at times.  We got done with that and we were then released to work on our rooms.

I went to my room and started to play with my Smart Board again and soon realized that I can’t write on papers that are on my Smart Board with the Elmo going.  Basically, my biggest fear is realized as I have come to understand that I will no longer be able to look at the Smart Board as a giant overhead projector.  This means I have a LOT of work ahead of me.  I’m going to have to scan in all my workbook pages and set them up as JPEGs if I have any hope of using them on the Smart Board software.  I’ll have to get that done before next week.  But, the rest of the day was spent putting my room together.  I started to feel overwhelmed, but Heather, in her infinite perfect timing, showed up with the kids and asked if I needed help.  They helped immensely and I had everything set up by four o’clock today.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.  She then started to obsess about the idea of putting up curtains in my room because she agreed that the sun was shining too much in my room to effectively use the Smart Board, so she’s going to make me some cheap curtains to cover up my windows.  So, that was in Heather’s head all the way home.

We got home and all made and ate dinner together.  Heather decided to leave and go to JoAnn’s Fabrics and Walmart to get materials.  I took Austin to football practice and came home and got to work on things for school tomorrow including getting my gradebook and attendance book set up.  After Heather got home, she started working on the curtains, and I think they’re going to look great!  We both ended up going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow was the first day of school and the weekend was going to be extremely busy with football going on both days!  It was time to get some quality sleep.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 14 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 14 (Part 2):  Nick asked Mace if she was coing and Mace said yes.  Nick pointed out that they will be tracking the lander and who knows what they’ll send to this area and they have no time to wait for her.  Mace told him to settle down, he apologized and explained that he didn’t like waiting.  Nick nodded to Mace’s datapad and asked if he had any games on it, but Mace explained to Nick that it was his journal.  Nick asked if it was a diary and Mace said kind of.  Nick asked if he was mentioned and Mace said they all were for the Jedi archives.  Nick asked if all Jedi did this and Mace said that he believes Depa did not.  Nick said he can’t believe he’ll be mentioned in the Jedi archives and will be a part of thirty-five thousand years of history.  Nick said it would make him immortal and Mace agreed to an extent.  Nick asked if he could listen to pass the time and Mace asked if he really wanted to know what he thought of him.  Then Mace laughed and said the journal is encrypted and only the technicians at the Jedi Temple can use the code key.  Mace said the encryption is to make sure that he does not go back and re-edit his entries.  Then Mace explained that he has to make one final entry and Nick asked if he could listen.  Mace agreed…..


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