‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 13 (Part 9)

Sunday, and a day of rest around the Crissman household.  We got up real late this morning.  It was almost ten o’clock before any of us got out of bed.  I think we all realized that this was officially the last day of vacation.  I went downstairs and started to work on some things on my computer for school.  This process took the entire morning for my computer to process.  So, while it was busy at work, Heather and I watched “Coupling” that we had from Netflix.  I have to say I really am hooked on the show and find it vastly funny.  It got to noon and I had a light lunch.  I played some PS3 after lunch and Heather headed off to go and get some materials for dinner from “The Giant”.  After playing some, I spent a MASSIVE amount of time updating my blog.  My goal is to have this blog updated before school starts.  It’s very doable!  I spent most of the afternoon doing this and even after dinner doing this.  It got to eight o’clock and I went to strictly reading and watching T.V.  We watched “Big Brother”, “Family Guy”, and “Wild Hogs” this evening and then went to bed.  Tomorrow I plan on having my blog completely caught up.  At least that’s the hope.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 13 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 13 (Part 9):  I tried to list off for her all the reasons why The Republic will win, which she agreed with each and every one, but she then reiterated taht the JEDI will lose.  I still think The Force told me what I need to know, “I already understood all there is to understand, I just don’t want to believe it.”  She then went on to tell me that my failure with the Balawai will be my failure with the Jedi.  War is a horror and that you must inflict so much pain on your enemy that they will not be willing to fight.  She also said there will be no civilians and that no one is innocent.  Even the Seperatist civilian is continuing war by providing the most basic of needs.  I told her that the Jedi can’t just watch ordinary citizens be hurt.  She then explained that this is why the Jedi cannot win.  We need to trade our principles and she wonders if we can refuse considering all the sacrifices we already make in our lives.  She then went on to explain how she and Kar drove the Seperatists off the planet.  They used Pelek Baw as a spacport for ship repairs.  She proved to the civilians that the Seperatist military and Balawai militia were unable to protect them.  NO battles, no heroics, but gruesome killings.  Sometimes one or two at a time.  The Seperatists learned their battle droids were vulnerable to the fungi, so they had to send in real troops, and they were unable to break their will to fight.  They terrorized them till they left.  She told me she brought me here to show me that winning Jedi will look like Kar Vastor in the future.  Taht is why I still lay here awake.  Tomorrow we leave.  We leave to showers and luxuries and worlds that are in a Galaxy of Peace.


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