‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 13 (Part 7)

Friday.  End of the week, and I felt like total garbage when I woke up this morning.  I did not sleep well last night because of this stomach bug that I have.  I did not want to cancel going to my workshop because I wanted to finish it out.  So, I got up slowly this morning again and packed everything up, including my pepto bismol.  The kids made me a nice bland lunch so I could still go over to the school and work on my lunch hour.  By seven-thirty this morning, our babysitter showed up and I headed off to work at Columbus school.  The second day of workshops was being just as frustrating and it seemed like our morning was dragging on and on.  I thought it was never going to end!  I think part of that had to do with me not feeling that well.  We got to lunch time and I was able to head over to my classroom and keep working on my room.  I just realized today that I’m going to have to rehang two of my speaker stands for my speakers for the sound system in my room.  All well, that’s all worth it to have a Smart Board in my classroom.  I no more than ate lunch and got some things accomplished till I had to be back at our workshop.  I went back over to Columbus.  I felt like we got something accomplished as we wrote out unit plans using a new MYP template.  Christine and I filled ours out together so we could implement these plans at some point this year.  This was cool with me and gave me some confidence in filling in unit plan templates.  I got done with the workshop and came home and crashed.  I took a nap with Heather because she had a rough day at work and then we worked on some things around the house.  I wanted to read more and continue in my blog, but I just didn’t feel that well.  We talked tonight about going to the State Fair tomorrow or Sunday and agreed we would go tomorrow, even thought I don’t feel well.  I told Heather I would be okay and would pack things to bring along.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 13 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 13 (Part 7):  Unlike Keela, Kar didn’t have Jedi to save him.  I also realized that pelekotan traded him the price of power fro the ability to create speech on a normal level.  Most use of The Force is a trade-off for physical abilities.  I sometimes wonder if the Jedi make the same trades.  I began to realize that Kar and his akk gaurds are simply an evil reflection of the Jedi.  Even our swords are shields and their shields are used as swords.  Depa explained to me that the akk guard’s shields are Kar’s design and are based on the premise of the vibroaxe the jungle prospectors carry.  She also told me tha they use a metal alloy that is strong, resistant to the fungi, and make great superconductors.  I realized the shields cannot be cut by my lightsaber because it maintians a constant temperature throughout.  Some information to keep in mind for later.  Depa went on to explain that much like the Jedi build their own lightsabers, the akk guards build their own weapons.  I wonder if Kar may have learned these concepts through the stories I told my ghosh friends about my Jedi trainining.  It’s possible that this is where Kar learned of the Jedi skill of interception, as Depa swears she did not teach them…..


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