‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 12 (Part 8)

Okay, it’s Friday and it’s the end of the week, but for the Crissman family, it was the chaos of getting ready for a camping trip this weekend.  I decided late last night that I wanted to go fishing for the first time since Boy Scouts this weekend.  My problem is that I didn’t have any fishing equipment.  So, I got up around nine and as I got some of the rest of the clothes and materials together, I watched Dr. Phil.  Then the kids and I got in the car and headed over to Wal Mart.  I got myself a brand new fishing pole, tackle box, and some fishing materials that I’ll need.  We no more than got that and a few things Heather wanted us to get, until I ran into the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen at Wal Mart.  We found some Star Wars t-shirts for kids for $7 a piece!  Woo-hoo!  What a way to make dad and the kids happy!  The girls got two Ahsoka Tano shirts and Austin got a Boba Fett shirt with some cool red metallic look to it.  We got our stuff and came home.  By the time we got home, it was time for lunch.  We finished with lunch, packed up and then started to gather things on the front porch for the camping trip.  Heather came home we loaded up the truck and got on the road.  We had a very nice camping place, nice and flat and the kids had fun playing some football with individuals and we had a nice relaxing evening.  I don’t have much planned for tomorrow, so may not have much to write about.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 12 (Part 8):  His rule is that he wanted me to submit.  Taht’s when Nick realized I gave him my lightsaber so he wouldn’t feel threatened.  I shook my head and said I would have let him do whatever, as long as he felt comfortable with me.  I told him taht Depa’s plan was ingenious.  Nick asked why, and I explained that Vastor has such a strong connection with pelekotan, I can’t tell him from the forest.  But, with my lightsaber in his belt, I can sens him at all times.  Nick was amazed and told me that a real Jedi’s powers are not his use of The Force, but his/her intellect.  Nick said these reactions are not natural, and Depa said that is precisely what Mace taught her.  Nick said he thought we just used our instincts.  That’s when I explained to him that our instincts are that, born out of training.  That’s why Jedi training begins so young.  I explained that these “instincts” need to be learned, so as not to be thought about.  I told him that being a Jedi is discipline imposed on nature and that civilization created a product of peace, not the other way around.  I corrected Nick and said that Jedi fight for civilization, because only civilization creates peace.  I went on to explain that Kar’s power relies on natural instinct, and that a single Jedi working on this principle can do great harm.  Depa interupted me asking if I was talking about Dooku, and I silently wondered if I was talking about her.  I finished my thought and said the only way to control instincts is to control ours.


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