‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 12 (Part 7)

Thursday.  It’s two days before we leave to go camping for the weekend and there’s a whole mess load of things that we need to get together yet before we can even think about going camping.  I just realized too that I don’t have that long before the school year begins.  Crap!  Where did my summer go?!  I got up around nine o’clock this morning and watched “Dr. Phil” while I read my Star Wars book a little on commercial breaks.  After Dr. Phil, I took some time to try and organize some rooms around the house.  In particular, my shop and my home theater rooms.  I’ll admit, I’ve let them go for quite some time, so I’m due for an entire home clean out.  I never quite got to that point, but I got a lot of cleaning done.  It then became lunch time, so the kids and I ate some lunch together.  After lunch, I started to try and organize some things for our camping trip and the kids cleaned their rooms.  Heather came home and hoped in and helped out.  We then got dinner together and we all left for our different directions.  I went to work and they went to football/cheerleading practice.  Work was a complete disaster tonight!  It was chaotic, I was switched positions four times, but I managed to make it through.  I even got out of work forty-five minutes late.  I was so tired, but I got something to eat, because I wanted to update my blog and I needed some food to make it through the night.  I came home joined Heather, worked on my blog and watched some T.V. and then we went to bed.  Tomorrow was going to be the beginning of camping with some people that I’m not allowed to mention on this blog.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 12 (Part 7):  That’s when it occurred to me that Nick was proud of what we had done.  This was a new feeling for him.   I did not say this to Nick, as it would have simply removed the pride he already felt.  He just couldn’t get over the fact taht I say those things even though I got beat.  Depa then told Nick that the Jedi are not always truthful.  Nick went to argue, then stopped himself as Depa welcomed the two of them into her howdah with a smile on her face.  She told Mace that he still takes on the best beatings in the galaxy.  That’s when Nick shouted, “I knew it!”, and it dawned on him that Mace was faking some his injuries.  Nick said he had figured it out.  Mace had taken such a beating, that he made it personal, but also let Kar forgive him for letting the Balawai go.  I told Nick he was half right and then told Nick that I had a bond with him and asked if if felt like I was faking.  Nick said no.  I told him, instead I told him I picked a fight I knew I couldn’t win.  I told him that I didn’t have to win, just fight.  Depa pointed out that this was Kar’s shatterpoint.  Then I explained to Nick that Vastor has a connection with the jungle, and that there are rules.  The only way I was going to have a good outcome is to make sure that any fight we were bound to have was unarmed.  I also explained to Nick that I was trapped.  I may have been able to defeat Vator himself, but the akk dogs and akk guards would’ve finished me off…..


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