‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 12 (Part 5)

Well, it was Tuesday and I had to get up early to get over to our warehouse for the school and go get a VCR/DVD combo unit.  I was hoping to get the ones like I had at East, but unfortunately it was an older model combo unit.  We got home and I hooked it up and unfortunately, it doesn’t work with a lot of the style of DVD’s that I play.  So, I told Heather that we’ll EBay the combo unit and try to clear enough money to get her the right style of unit that she needs for her sewing room.  I no more than got done checking all of that until it was time to get ready for my lunch shift at work.  I went upstairs, got a shower, ate a little lunch and headed out.  Work wasn’t bad, it was slow again, which was okay with me.  I got done with my shift and came home and Heather and I ate a little bit of a dinner together and she headed off to work.  We went to football practice and I played with the girls while Austin had practice and then we headed home.  Me, I decided to relax and the kids watched a movie upstairs while I vegged out in front of the PS3 downstairs.  It got to be late, but I stayed up until Heather got home and had a bath drawn for her, because I know she had a rough day at work.  We went to bed late, but went to bed together.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 12 (Part 5):  As he did so, Nick unrolled Mace’s vest so the Jedi Master could feel the lightsaber at Nick’s side.  Mace then asked Vastor if he could have the weapon taht Nick was carrying in his vest.  Vastor took the vest out of Nick’s hands and pulled out the lightsaber and asked Mace if it was his.  Mace asked to have it, as it was his only weapon.  Vastor held the weapon out, but as Mace went to grab it, Vastor yanked it away, and into an akk gaurd’s hands.  As the guard caught it, his vibroshield came to life on his other arm.  Nick told Kar this was enough, since he already won.  Vastor backhanded Nick to the ground and Mace barely even noticed.  Mace said that he doesn’t understand a Jedi’s lightsaber and Vastor interupted saying it can be destroyed as easily as the jedi.  Then Depa’s voice boomed from the howdah.  She told Kar to execute jungle justice without giving Mace his weapon would be outright murder.  She reminded Kar that he is not the enemy, but Vastor snipped back saying Windu was him enemy.  She told Vastor to keep the lightsaber safe and to return it when Mace leaves and Vastor said Mace is leaving now.  Depa said Mace was not ready to travel and needs medical treatment.  She tod him taht Mace can ride the howdah with her while Vastor keeps his lightsaber.  Vastor then took the lightsaber from the akk guard and tucked it into the belt of his pants.  Vastor asked Mace if it hurt more because his padawan watched him get beat.  Mace said it couldn’t hurt any more than it already did.  Vastor reminded Mace that this all began becasue he refused to come when he was told to.  Vastor said if there’s a next time, it will be his last.  Mace said he knew and asked Nick to help him onto the ankkox…..

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