‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 12 (Part 3)

Sunday.  It started out as a frustrating day, but ended up on a good note.  I got up a little late this morning since we had a party last night and got myself together to go over to the movie theater.  Heather wanted to stay home today because she had some jackets to finish for Marsh and I told her it wasn’t a big deal as I had a majority of the group showing up today.  I told her we could do it without her.  Unfortunately, I was about to be completely wrong!  As I got to the theater, I had two people call out and say they couldn’t make it.  I got into the theater and it was just me and the kids.  I got into costume, expecting others to show up while I got into costume, but no one showed up.  After forty-five minutes, I had to call my wife as I was the only one in costume and my children were with me.  Now, they are mature for their age, but not mature enough to run the table for our event.  Eventually Jeff showed up and told me that they stayed up until four in the morning last night and that Ian may not be showing up.  Jeff and I attended to the patrons that did show up and the other two members did finally show up and we had an okay turn out.  But, the attendance was just as bad as yesterday.  We finished with our stint for the matinees and started to pack up.  As I came downstairs to put things in my car, the assistant manager of the theater showed me that they had propaganda for the movie all along that they just discovered.  So, they started to actually advertise for the movie as we were leaving.  But, I have to say that the movie theater was OVERLY gracious.  They gave us one of the banners and thanked us for coming.  The banner we received was HUGE and looks awesome!  I got home and spent the rest of the day putting everything away and organizing from the event.  I watched “Big Brother” with Heather this evening and some other shows and then went to bed.  This week is going to be my last full week working at Wendy’s.  Thank goodness!  I’m getting exhausted even from the few hours I work there a week.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 12 (Part 3):  Mace landed on the akk dog’s back and leaped again, but this time Vstor caught him n mid-air and started to pull Mace toward him.  Mace figured if he insisted, so he added his own strength and doubled the speed of travel.  He used his body like a missile and drove his head inot the lor pelek’s gut.  It hurt both of the adversaries here  Both men had the wind knocked out of them, but Mace knew he didn’t have much longer.  As the lor pelek went to sit up, Mace took the looser trailer around his leg, made a garrote out of it, and wrapped it around Vastor’s neck.  Mace pushed his knee into Vastor’s back telling himself he only had ten seconds as the lor pelek gasped for air.  Somehow, Vastor got both feet under him and lifted Mace off the ground with neck.  Mace knew this would not be good.  Vastor grabbed Mace by the wrists and slammed his body over his head and into the dirt.  Mace began to see darkness now and prepared for Vastor to finish him off.  Just before loosing consciousness, he saw Vastor leap through the air to try and body-slam him.  Aat the last minute, Mace rolled to the side and Kar’s body slammed into the ground next to him.  The two men came to, and Mace pulled himself to his knees as Vastor used a tree to pull himself up.  With a surge in The Force, Mace lept forward and slammed Vastor with a massive punch and Mace stood seeing a haze as he watched the lor pelek come to his feet, smiling, and asking Mace if that’s the best he’s got.  Mace said he was just getting started.  Next thing Mace knew, Vastor held Mace up off the jungle floor by Kar’s hand on his neck.  Vastor asked him how many hands Mace sees.  Mace didn’t asnwer……


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