‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ – Movie Review *SPOILER WARNING!!*

Okay, it’s Friday and I have to say that last night’s event was a big success for the group.  We really did make an impression on the crowd that was there.  On the other hand, there was not much of a crowd at the theater.  Even my kids were surprised there weren’t more people in the theater.  But, as my son pointed out, they had no banners and no stand ups for the movie anywhere in the theater.  It was almost as if the movie didn’t exist!  We were lucky if there were thirty-five people there for the movie.  And of those thirty-five, about half were there because we told them about it at the Spiedie Fest.  Well, we watched the movie and the kids LOVED it.  I will say this, unless you realize that this movie is a cartoon, is geared for kids, and was meant to be displayed on a Saturday morning serial series, then you may be dissapointed by the movie.  I just hope that people in other places saw bigger crowds than we did last night.

We got home around two o’clock this morning and we all went to bed late.  We therefore, got up fairly late this morning.  We woke up around eleven o’clock and went straight to eating some lunch.  Tonight, we were going to be going to the theater to do another showing of the movie.  We had hopes that more people would show up.  After lunch, we headed to Pennsylvannia to go get some splodies for the splodie party tomorrow night at Jeff’s place.  Jeff called me on the way and we met at Mess’s Fireworks warehouse where he managed to get me quite a discount, just because they knew him there.  It took us a while to get there because of traffic and road construction, so we whipped home as soon as possible.  We goofed around for a while and I went downstairs and played some PS3 till Heather got home.  She took a little bit of a nap and then we all decided to eat out at Wendy’s for dinner, just to make the evening easier.  We ate at Wendy’s and went right to the movie theater.  The two showings tonight weren’t much better than last night.  But, the movie staff seemed more excited about our group this time around.  We had a lot of pics taken and tonight Heather decided she would watch the movie and the kids and I joined here again.  I have a unique perspective on the movie, which I’ll share in a minute.  We got out fo the theater and came home and went right to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day, so we wanted to make sure we got some sleep.

Okay, so I’m now going to give some of my feelings on the Clone Wars Movie.  SPOILER WARNING:  UNLESS YOU’VE SEEN THE MOVIE, THEN DON’T READ ON!…..

The Clone Wars movie did exactly what George Lucas said it would do.  It got children excited about Star Wars all over again. So much so, that my oldest daughter really grabbed onto one of the lead characters, Ahsoka Tano.  Ruth is even talking to me about wanting to do an Ahsoka costume.  This makes me proud as a father and has made me excited about Star Wars too.  But, I think that many who went to go to the theateer had certain expectations.   Everyone expected to see the typical Star Wars movie.   I kept warning everyone that this was NOT going to be the case.  We were going to see a Saturday morning cartoon that was turned into a movie.  For most Star Wars fans, I believe they were severly dissapointed in the movie.  They expected to see all the things that happen with any Star Wars movie.  The typical music, which did not happen because John Williams was not the composer this time around.  The most striking difference was the beginning of the movie.  No scrolling text, no epic entrance.  Instead, it looked more, well, like a cartoon.  Many in my group thought the movie was ridiculous and some even laughed at how ridiculous they thought it was.  I tried to remind them that the movie wasn’t geared toward them.  So, if you go to see this movie, remind yourself that it is a TV show first, and a movie second.  With this in mind, the movie was actually pretty good.  So, let me talk about some of the good and bad aspects of the movie.

Good:  Well there was a lot for me that ended up in this category.  First, the major good for me was a nice strong female role in Ahsoka Tano.  This helped my daughters connect with the movie in a way that I’m not sure that girls have EVER done with Star Wars in the past.  It was nice to see that there are Jedi out there that are there to try to make themselves better.  The Jedi do seem to have a holistic approach to society, but it’s realistic to realize that some may wanted to have just impress the others.  Another positive was the fact that we actually saw clones dying.  We need to remind ourselves that this is a Galactic Civil War and there are those who are going to sacrifice their lives for this event.  I believe that was lost on the Tartakovsky version of Clone Wars.  The clones and even the Jedi had an almost God-like image.  It’s good to see that even members of the 501st can be seen getting shot and injured.  The Jedi seem less God-like as well.  They make mistakes in this movie and don’t seem to be able to foresee everything.  I mean, isn’t this how they get defeated?  Finally, one great positive behind this movie is the graphics.  I thought they looked great and I can’t believe this is the style of graphics that Lucas is going to use on a TV show.  Are they perfect yet?  No, but they look clean and I have to say that there was a surealistic quality to the 3D rendering.

Negatives:  Well, my negatives start with three words:  Ziro The Hutt.  What the hell was Lucas thinking by putting Ziro in this movie?  Was he trying to thumb his nose at society and say that there is now a gay Hutt?  Better yet, is there a place in a movie for kids for a gay Hutt?  I don’t think so and I think the role of Ziro the Hutt was WAY over the top.  Quite honestly, Ziro’s storyline did not need to be told and I think Lucas should have left that part out.  Ziro was a zero for me!  Then comes the child of Jabba’s.  Why was he never mentioned before?  What the devil happens to him?  And was this really the best plot line you could come up with for a movie/TV show?  Really?  And last, but not least, I think that the fight between Obi-Wann and Asajj was kind of weak.  It didn’t look like a fight at all, but a bunch of people leaping around.

BUT, with all of this, I think people should still go see the movie.  I liked it, even though others didn’t.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 7.


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