‘The Jedi Council Speaks’ – Volume III, Episode #17 – Send In The Clones

Okay, it’s officially Wednesday and I got a lot done today!  I managed to firstly, get my podcast out there early this morning.  It makes me feel much better to know that I managed to get it out before the movie hit the theaters, which is going to happen tomorrow evening into Friday morning.  I’m really excited about this event as it will be the first Star Wars movie event that I’ve ever been a part of.  I’m especially excited as it will be only the second major event that I’m heading up as a Chapter Rep and I hope it goes swimmingly.  I slept in a little today and got up and contacted the theater right away and set up a meeting with the theater owner tomorrow at noon just to walk through the facility and make sure everything is taken care of.  I then went right into the shower, got ready for work and headed off for a noon shift.  I had a decent day at work, but it was fairly busy today.  A nice change of pace from the slow days I’ve had before.

I got done with work, came home and took a little bit of a nap.  I got up and started organizing some things for tomorrow and then ate some dinner with the family.  We found out tonight that Austin and the girls have football starting next week along with cheerleading.  My wife has evidently volunteered to coach, even though she didn’t.  It’s a long story!  We talked a little after dinner and then I went downstairs and got things organized for tomorrow.  I’m definetly excited!

Okay, so instead of talking about the book tonight, I’m focusing on my Podcast since my latest release came out.  So, check out my show at:  http://www.jedicouncilspeaks.mypodcast.com.  Have some fun with it and check us out for our four year anniversary show on the first of October!


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