‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 11 (Part 3)

It’s Saturday and I had high hopes for the day today.  But, I felt a little left down by the end of the day today and I can honestly say that I will get over it, but my podcast is officially not ready yet.  Urgh!  I got done with notes for the show by about noon today and told Ian he could come on over after work tonight and we could start to record.  Ian showed up around six o’clock and my buddy Dan was going to show up not too long after and Heather was going to make sure that they didn’t make too much noise while we recorded.  Ian arrived and we got to recording and everything seemed to go smoothly.  We got the intro recorded well even though there was a thunderstorm in the area.  We got done with the “In The Bag” segment and suddenly my laptop (as well as Ian’s) froze.  We lost the entire segment!  Crap!  Not only that, but we no more than found out that we lost the segment till Ian’s wife called and Ian had to go.  I tried to get ahold of him later tonight, but I’m not sure he’ll be here tomorrow for recording.

My buddy Dan came over not too long after that showing me his new “toy” the latest Nerf gun that is fully automatic.  It looks cool and all, but seems a little bulky if you ask me.  I felt bad, but I was so cheesed off about not being able to record that I kept playing my PS3 and really wasn’t too good of a host.  I’m just a little ticked off because I wanted to get this show out on August 1st and it’s now August 9th and I still haven’t finished recording, much less editing!  All well, all is fair in Galaxy’s Far, Far Away.  Besides, it’s partially my fault.  I am actually really mad at myself!  Dan left and I played PS3 for the rest of the night and went to bed late.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 11 (Part 3):  As Mace walked toward the howdah, he couldn’t feel Depa through The Froce.  His nerves were just starting to take him over again, as he realized that his padawan was up there, and he wasn’t sure what to do.  Mace began to wonder if Depa was still his young padawan or even a friend.  He even wondered if he could strike her, should the moment call for it.  Mace found it ironic that they meet in the darkness of night, seemingly surrounded by the darkness in The Force.  Mace decided not to fear that darkness on her face or in her.  He relied on The Force to clear his mind and his thoughts as Depa drew the curtains aside.  As Mace looked her up and down, she was tattered as he expected, dirty, hair cut in a haphazard fashion.  But, there was no burn mark on her Greter Mark of Illumination, only a bandana.  She was truly still Depa Billaba.  She smiled slightly as she greeted Mace Windu.  Mace returned the greeting and then gave back her lightsaber saying he’s kept it safe for her.  She thanked him, and then stewed for a minute and asked Mace how he could be so stupid or blind.  She tried to explain that thos children weren’t with them, and Mace should’ve come straight to her, then told him that everyone has to die…..


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