‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 11 (Part 2)

It’s Friday and there is only one way to sum up today and the weekend.  “The Jedi Council Speaks”!  I’m really struggling to get this episode out!  I know it’s not on time now, but I’m struggling just to get it out at all!  Some of it is trying to get together with Ian and most of it is my fault!  I just don’t have the notes done again and quite honestly, it’s a lot of work putting this show together and being a Chapter Rep for a FanForce group.  I think it’s all just an adjustment period and I don’t handle those well.  Never have.  I got up fairly early this morning and watched Dr. Phil while I worked on notes for the show.  I continued working throughout the morning and had decided that if I got done with most of the notes by lunch, I would reward myself with some PS3 after lunch.  Well, I got to my target and I rewarded myself.  I played PS3 for about two hours after lunch and Heather got home.  I helped her get dinner together and I ate with the family and then got ready for work.  I had an okay evening at work, but I couldn’t wait to get out and get home to finish putting together my notes.  I got home and worked late into the evening on the notes for the show.  I went to bed late tonight and have plans to wake up in the morning and finish writing notes.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 11 (Part 2):  Nick said they were finished, but Mace said to be quiet and Nick hoped they’d forget they’re even there.  Mace pointed otu to Nick that this is not a show trial, but if they’re lucky they’ll have a dogfight on their hands.  Mace reminds Nick he’s an officer of The Republic, but Nick said he was just sworn in, but Mace said that doesn’t matter.  Mace told him to stay calm and show no weakness.  Mace now turned around and met Kar Vastor’s gaze.  Nick asked what he was doing and Mace said not to concern himself with it.  Nick then tells Mace that staring at Vastor enrages him, and Mace siad he knew and was making him angrier.  Nick then joked about Mace being crazy again.  Then Vastor talked through The Force telling Mace taht defiance has a punishment.  Then Mace realized that Vastor was talking to Nick and Mace through The Force at the same time, shoing off for Depa.  Nick said this wasn’t about the prisoners, but Mace said it is and to just play along.  Mace then told Vastor that he will not be ordered around, but that Depa is here now.  Vastor said she came to say goodbye.  Nick then commented about them getting killed again.  Mace told Nick to think of Vastor as an akk dog that won’t kill till it gets what it wants.  Nick asked what he wanted and Mace said to assert his dominance, and defend his territory.  Mace pointed out that Nick doesn’t count, he’s a subordinate.  Nick asked if Vastor would just kick Mace off the planet.  Nick asked aobut Mace’s supposed hostage, Mace said they’ll see fi they need him.   Nick asked if ti was him, but Mace hushed him.  Then Vastor had the ankkox lean down and told Mace to say hsi good byes and then leave.  As Vastor went to swing at Nick, Mace blocked his hand.  Mace released Vastor’s arm and back handed Nick himself and through The Force gave Nick an invisible wink.  Nick asked waht that was for and Mace told him to act like and officer of The Republic, and then apologized to Vastor.  Mace told Vastor that if he has a problem with Nick, to take it out on him as Mace should’ve done and broke Vastor’s nose instead of his own Akk guard’s.  Vastor warned not to touch him again.  He then confidently walked past Vastor and onto the should of the animal toward the howdah…..


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