‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 10 (Part 6)

Monday and I can honestly say that I am EXHAUSTED from the weekend.  I slept in later than I have in a while.  I didn’t get up this morning until about eleven o’clock.  What shortened my day even more was the fact that I work a night shift at work.  The kids were nice enough to let me sleep and get some chores done around the house on their own.  I got up and we all worked together to try and get things straightened out the best we could.  It took a while to get all the stuff put away in the proper places correctly and to get dishes and everything sorted out.  There was a lot to be done.  I had to “Febreeze” my jumpsuit and costume and had many other things to organize and take care of.  Spiedie Fest was a lot of work and was trying on me at times, but it was worth the effort we put into it and I have to say I think the Binghamton FanForce was a hit again!  I no more than finished with all of this till Heather showed up at home and we all worked together and got dinner going.  We ate an early dinner and I headed off to work.  It was dead at work tonight and the only thing that we had coming through the line in spades was “free Frosty” coupons from the Spiedie Fest.  I came home and watched some T.V. with Heather and then went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 10 (Part 6):  From The Private Journals Of Mace Windu – It didn’t take us long to clear a path for the gunships and I didn’t even need to make a smoke sign, three of them appeared just as we finished.  They understood what was going on when they saw the kneeling Balawai with her hands behind their head.  Nick said they pulled it off, they saved the Balawai lives, and he wished they could reciprocate.  We felt Vastor’s ever looming presence, but I felt that in this particular game of dejarik, he was not my opponent.  As the gunships circled, I felt them target Nick and myself, but they held off because of our proximity to the Balawai.  I then explained to Urno and Nykl’s father that he needs to get a message to Colonel Geptun, because I’m sure he’ll debrief them.  I told him to inform Geptun that I have solved the Jedi problem and that he disarms and withdraws, the war will end, I put my word on it.  Nykl’s father was shocked, and then I told him to remind Geptun that I solved in less than a week a problem he couldn’t take care of in four months!  Then I stood up and told Nykl’s father to warn Geptun that if he does not do this, then he will be the problem, and I will solve it.  I walked into the jungle with Nick and looked back at the children and wondered if they would ever forgive the Jedi, that would be the ultimate reward!…..


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