‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 10 (Part 5)

Sunday.  A day that is the end of the event, and what an end we had to our event!  Alright, I’ll get to that in a little bit, let’s talk about the day.  We got up a little later today and ate some breakfast again, eggs this morning.  We got some showers and got things packed up and headed over to the festival.  Today went a little slower than yesterday, but it was still fun all the same.  We ran the Jedi Academy again this afternoon and it became harder to run this afternoon because Heather had to leave to take Ruth to horse camp, which she couldn’t wait to get to.  So, this afternoon, it became my responsibility to shuttle people from Roosevelt to the park.  It was okay until my buddy Jeff needed a ride and I had just gotten into Mando.  SO, I left and went over there and picked him up with a majority of my Mando on.  Anyone who has gotten into costume will tell you that this is no easy task, especially with a holster on your right.  The day went okay and we were the talk of the day and the evening.  We even went and wandered around and Scur did some push ups with the military guys and we also found out that all the military gear weighs less than my backpack that I have on my Mando.  Sad, isn’t it!  We also took some goofy pics of us goofing around and we even went over to the Christian tent and rocked out with the bands that were playing on the stage.  It was all just good fun and I was SO proud of our group! 

Then came all the problems.  Heather joined us toward the end of the afternoon and as I was putting away my costumes and we showed back up with some food, we realized that both of our children were missing.  We found Austin right away as he was in the bathroom (his other favorite place to be!), but Tara disappeared.  Suddenly, she reappeared and we gave her a “what for”.  She then told Heather and I that she went to the bathroom and then got distracted by a balloon animal maker and got in line to get a balloon dog.  We explained to her about how concerned she made us and I don’t think she’ll ever do that again!  But, that was not the worst of the day.  As I was taking my buddy Ian home, my wife and the rest of the group decided to keep taking down the stuff in the tent.  Heather was taking care of some things and asked Austin to unplug the laptop.  Well, my son had gotten a free dogtag from the Army tent earlier in the day and it fell between the extension and the chord.  My son got the shock of his life!  Thank God my friend Charles pulled Austin off, or he wouldn’t have left go and could have done more damage.  There were angels watching over Austin tonight.  When I got back to the tent, everyone told me what had happened and my son had some amazing scars on his neck and arm.  We’re lucky he’s even alive!  We got done with our day and Charles hung out for a while and then got to driving home because he had to get back to Rochester tonight.  Not too long after Charles left, my whole house went to bed because we had a long weekend and Heather had work tomorrow and so did I, with lots of things to get done now.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 10 (Part 5):  Mace and Nick moved the caravan along the old steamcrawler path down into a canyon as a storm approached them from the rear.  Nick pointed ahead telling Mace they were there and Mace sensed it through The Force as well.  Vastor was there with a force to seal the mouth of the canyon.  Nick moved back through the caravan complaining that they didn’t move fast enough.  If only they had one more hour, the father of the girls asked why they stopped.  As they stop the Akk gaurd told Mace that he knew Kar would come.  Mace said he wished for a different outcome and told the Akk gaurds they could join Vastor’s forces if they wished.  They asked if Mace planned on leaving, then left themselves.  Nick asked if they’d join their friends.  Mace said no.  Instead, they’d cut off any hope of retreat the Balawai had.  Nick asked what they shold do, but Mace deflected the question back to his major.  Then Mace asked Nick what he thought Kar would expect them to do.  Nick said he would expect the Balawai to scatter and flee.  “Exactly”, Mace said, then ordered the Balawai to get into one big clump on a rock, kneeling with their hands behind their head.   They all thought Mace was crazy, Mace told them that they’re welcom to go it on their own.  Nick then pointed out that Kar wouldn’t be here if Mace hadn’t told him to be.  Then it dawned on Nick that Mace had played on Kar’s expectations of the Balawai to run.  Mace said that if he’s going to trade anyone’s life, it will be his own.  Then Nick pointed out that Kar doesn’t like being lied to, and Mace pointed out that he didn’t lie, but taht Vastor made assumptions that he’d show up here alone.  Then Mace asked Nick why, and Nick said Vastor will assume that they’re all boxed in, and h’es in no hurry to capture them.  Then Nick realized that the steamcrawler tracks are open enough of an area to let gunships land and Nick asks what good that would do for Vastor.  Then Mace tossed Nick Depa’s lightsaber saying they can make one of their won.  Nick asked if he was required to teach warfare, but Mace called this dejarik, then Nick commented that Vastor will kill them both, but Mace says that remains to be seen…..


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