‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 10 (Part 4)

Well, it’s Saturday and the second day of the Spiedie Fest here in Binghamton.  I woke up this morning fairly early considering that Charles and I stayed up until about two in the morning last night.  We all got up around eight o’clock this morning, but Charles managed to wake up around six.  He scares me sometimes about the little amount of sleep that he needs in order to keep functioning in a day.  We had a nice full breakfast of waffles today, which Charles thought was awesome!  We then got the cars loaded up and headed over to the festival.  It started off as and interesting day.  I got to the festival and the B Sens reclaimed their tent.  Rightfully so, as I was told they would.  So, I went back to the people in charge and asked where they would like us to set up.  NO ONE KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!  Worse yet, no one seemed to be able to get ahold of Dave either.  So, what did that mean for us?  Simple, we had no changing tent and we had no place to set up.  Feeling my pain (and anger), the B Sens guy came over and said we could have the tent if their blow up machine managed to dry off and they could set up on the other side of the car ride next to us.  We worked it out and it seemed to help us immensly.  We got things going for the day and after a while, we decided to start the Jedi Academy.  It went awesome!  We had a whole bunch of kids go through our academy, where we taught them some basic Jedi lightsaber wielding skills.  Kids liked it, parents LOVED it, and all around, I think it went very well.  We were the hit among the kids.  We had a GREAT day today and I want to thankt he B Sens for being so generous in sharing their space with us for the event.  It was a great day, an exhausting day, but a fun day.  We even managed to set up our own tent to change into, that Jeff had let me borrow.  The good news was that we were able to hook into the power to use as well.  We were at the Spiedie Fest today from ten in the morning till eight tonight.  It was a long day, but a fun one for sure.  We got home and Ian joined us with his wife and Charles and we talked for a while and had some cake and then we all went to bed because we knew tomorrow was going to be just as long of a day.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 10 (Part 4):  The guards agreed and joined the Balawai caraven.  Mace joined the caravan and looked at Nick telling him that he needs an aide.  Nick said if he wants advice, then Nick advices that he dump the Balawai, and kiss up to Kar and Depa.  Then Mace told him that he doesn’t trust anyone out here, except Nick himself.  Nick told him he’s gone crazy by trusting a member of the ULF that had failed in his mission to get Mace into the jungle safely.  Mace said Nick is the only one trying to do the right thing on Haruun Kal.  Then Mace pointed out that as a general with The Grand Army of the Republic, his staff will have to leave the planet with him in the end.  Then Mace said he’d achieve the rank of Major and would be required to teach jungle warfare tactics at the Jedi Temple and may even achieve his own company to command within the grand army.  Nick got excited and told general Windu he would sign up and asked if there was a swearing in.  Mace had him put his hand on his heart and raise his left hand and had him repeat an oath that Mace made up in his head.  Nick said, “I do”, and Mace told him to salute.  Then Nick said he felt Mace in The Force, but Windu told him to not speak unless spoken to.  Mace then said they have an unbreakable bond, saluted his new major and told him to get the Balawai moving.  The Balawai then kept plodding along…..


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