‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 10 (Part 3)

Well, there is only two words that could sum up today.  It was a fuster cluck!  It started off as any normal day would start off.  I got up around nine o’clock this morning and watched some Dr. Phil while I continued to work on repairs for my costumes.  Heather managed to finish all my costumes and I now have an Imperial Officer’s costume done as well, which is really cool.  This means that I now have three costumes, a Jedi, a custom Mando, and an Imperial Officer’s.  Anyway, I got things packed up not too long after that and had the car packed and ready to go for Spiedie Fest.  By the time I got done with all of that, it was time for lunch.  The kids and I ate lunch together and then got things ready for Heather’s car for when she shows up.  Unfortunately we have so much stuff for an event now, that we need two cars just to get it to the event along with the kids.  Heather came home, right on time and we made our way over to the event right away.  That’s when things went wrong!

We got to the event, and the changing tent that Dave said would be there, was not!  The tents in the center of the Spiedie Fest that we took last year, were no longer there.  Instead, there were campers there.  Heather and I managed to find someone who was supposed to be in charge for the festival, but she had no idea there was going to be a Star Wars costuming group and didn’t know we needed a tent.  She refused to get ahold of Dave, so I called our PR rep.  When our PR rep got ahold of Dave, he simply hung up on her.  After forty-minutes of getting the run around, I hunted Dave down!  He had the balls to tell me that they forgot a tent for us and “oh, by the way, we forgot a changing tent too!”  Crap!   This messed everything up.  So, I did what our Vice Chapter Rep suggested we do.  I took the nearest free tent and began setting up.  I figured what were they gonna do, ask me to leave?  Well, I did, and unfortunately it was the B Sens tent.  But, it was the tent that Dave told me to set up in, and I managed to talk the B Sens into letting us use the tent for today, becasue Dave promised me a tent for tomorrow.  So, we got things set up and the evening went okay.  The crowd was bigger tonight than it was for opening night of last year.  We were a big hit and I told a lot of people to come back tomorrow for the Jedi Academy.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a big success.  We (Ian and I) decided to change right out in the open.  We had no idea where else to change, and quite honestly, we had no more patience for the problems.  We got changed and had a great time in the long run, but it was a long evening.  I took my friend Danny home, and he gave me an awesome birthday gift, most of the New Jedi Order series books.  I got done and headed home.  It was quite the day, but I had a buddy on the way to meet up with me.  Charles was driving up and I was excited to be able to see him.

Charles got to my house not too long after we got there and we all stayed up and talked for a while.  I was a little bummed that his wife didn’t come with him, but she had some personal things to take care of, which I totally understood.  We went to bed late tonight and tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 10 (Part 3):  As a storm raged overhead, Mace’s boots sunk into the mud making movement harder.  Mace could only think about how hard this must be for the wounded.  It began to hail and the Balawai collected the hail as a safe source of water.  As they moved, Mace sensed a presence and told Nick to keep the Balawai moving.  As he approached the man, he found the Akk guard holding a wounded Balawai telling Mace he may want to look after him.  Mace thanked him and the guard told Mace that Kar will kill him for this.  Mace said he appreciated the warning and headed back down the hill a little to tend to the wounded Akk guard.  Mace told him it was no dishonor to loose to a Jedi and he snapped the gaurd’s nose back into place.  The Korun said if felt better and Mace apologized, but said he could not back down.  Both Korunnai looked at each otehr and nodded.  Mace said he came at them hard because they are good fighters.  They both told Mace that he had good shots on them and asked him if they’d teach them his tricks.  Mace tried to urge the guards to join them.  He pointed out that Kar knew where they were going because Mace had already told Vastor.  Then Mace pointed out that Vastor’s making them do HIS dirty work!…..


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