‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 9 (Part 5)

Saturday.  The day my kids come home and I have to say there was an air of excitement about all of that this morning.  Heather and I woke up around nine o’clock this morning and did our last minute cleaning before mom and dad showed up with the kids.  Once the kids got here, the activity in our house seemed like it was back to normal.  They were so excited to be home.  Tara kept showing us the stuff she got while she was gone.  The only person that didn’t seem as excited as the rest was Ruth.  Heck, she was asking about horse camp almost the minute she walked in the door.  As Heather reminded her, she had a whole week to worry about horse camp before we took her there.

We gave mom and dad the fifty cent tour of the new house.  They were impressed with all of the changes that we’ve made toward the house.  Mom and dad did not show up until the afternoon, so by the time we got everyone settled, it was time to have dinner.  We had it on our back deck and it was an okay dinner.  We got done with dinner and Heather managed to coax mom and dad downstairs to watch T.V. in her room while she did some sewing because she has a deadline tomorrow for jackets.  Well, that worked until we heard the first rumble of thunder and crack of lightning and my mom wanted to be upstairs.  I played the PS3 until the thunderstorm and then lost contact with the Internet, so I went upstairs and joined them.  We decided to watch “Jeff Dunham:  Spark of Insanity” because my dad had said he always wanted to see the whole act.  Of course, I’m not sure that mom heard all of the act as she only laughed a few times, but dad heard it all and was laughing hysterically.  After watching the DVD,  we all decided to go to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 9 (Part 5):  There were twenty-eight prospectors along with their four children that staggered along in the caravan.  There were only two of Vastor’s Akk guards with six akk dogs to guard, and simply make sure they don’t steal from the wounded Korunnai.  They were welcome to run off into the jungle, as this was going to be their fate anyway.  Mace asked if they were afraid that they would double back and pick off the slower, weaker Korunnai.  Vastor laughed and said the Korunnai can sense them coming.  Mace asked why they were still with us and Vastor said they only conduct jungle justice at night, since the gunships are around during the day.  And Mace remembered the comment from Depa about how she uses the night and the night uses her.  Nick was with the prisoners, taking care of the grasser that was moving Urno, Nykl, Keela, and Pell.  Seeing the kids reminded Mace of the image of the lor pelek holding Terrrell’s dead body.  Mace then asked if the children were to be released to the jungle as well.  Vastor said it is their way and that Mace is readin too much into what happened to Terrell.   Vastor told Mace that he was a murderer because he attacked the helpless, Mace reminded them so do they.   Vastor asked if he was caught by the Balawai if they would give him a quick and painless death, but Mace said they were not talking about the Balawai.  Nick caught their eyes and told the two of them that he only plays babysitter on the holonet.  He seemed happy, but Mace could sense the upset tone he had about what would happen to these children.  Mace asked what he was doing here and Vastor said he had become as expendable as Chalk and Besh.  Mace said he did not see them as expendable.  Vastor then said he did not know why Depa wanted him here, but she did.  She thought he was more important to their war than even Nick Rostu.  Mace pointed out that what makes Nick a bad soldier makes him a good man.  A better amn than Vastor himself.  Vastor asked, “better at what?”…..


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