‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 9 (Part 2)

Okay, it was Wednesday and I had a late night last night, so I woke up fairly late this morning.  Heather and I got up around nine-thirty this morning because I had a chiropractic appointment at ten-thirty this morning.  We got a shower and got some breakfast and then went to the appointment.  I’ll admit that I fight my wife about going to the chiropractor, but often feel great after the appoitment and I should just go more often.  Dr. Tim does a great job and I can’t say enough about him.  He made my lower back pain pretty much disappear, which I really needed.  We got done there and headed over to Lowes and I got some latches and clasps for Scur’s box and came home and put them on right away.  Then we went to the basement and she sewed while we watched Deadliest Catch from last night, together.  I then took an afternoon nap while she continued sewing and Heather woke me up around two o’clock, and I ate dinner and headed to work.

Work wasn’t bad this evening, it was just steady.  I will say that the day was crappy weather wise around Binghamton.  It rained and thunderstormed all day long.  I really am hoping for sme good weather soon so I can mow the lawn and finish with some of my clear coating on my painting.  I came home after work, and blogged and here I am.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 9 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 9 (Part 2):  From The Private Journals of Mace Windu – I don’t remember leaving the compound.  I was in a state of mental and moral shock.  I have a haze in my mind from the time that Depa met me to the time we reached the slope below the compound.  I have two conflicting memories of that moment.  In one memory she uses The Force, pulls her lightsaber out of my vest and asks me up or down.  I answer up and she leaps over top of me so we are facing out with our backs to each other.  We fight the gunships off, back to back.  A dream.  In my other memory, we walk calmly through the field of fire and Depa asks me why I came and I ask her why she sent for me.  She asked if he came to stop her and reminded him he could do it with one slash of his lightsaber.  I tell her I’m here to assess the situation and then figure out what to do.  Then I go foggy, but remember running down a slope of old lava flow, sensing the guerillas ahead of me.  I skid down to the bottom and find Kar Vastor there, waiting for me.  Vastor, there is much to be said about his lor pelek’s powers.  He pulled fever wasps out of the bodies of Besh and Chalk and seems to make the jungle answer his every command.  The six followers that move with him are called Akk Guards and are lesser minions of himself.  He has trained them in the use of the vibroshields.  It took me a while to understand that we are natural enemies…..


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