‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 8)

Monday.  And what a crappy Monday it turned out to be for me!  Everything seemed to go wrong and them some this morning and I’m not sure why, other than I believe God was testing me today, and quite honestly, my patience didn’t hold up.  I had big plans this morning.  I got up and did my usual walk, but had to cut it short again because of massive shin splint pain.  I’m afraid that I’m doing more damage than good to my body at this point, but maybe I’m wrong.  I got home and thought I would go downstairs and watch Dr. Phil and read my book while the commercials happened.  Well, I went to turn on the light for my book (yes, I use a book light now, I need it!), but it wouldn’t turn on.  So, I decided to take the light apart and see what was going on.  Well, I found out that two points of electronics had fallen off of their solder joints.  So, I plugged in the soldering iron and got my electronic solder ready.

In the meantime, I thought I would catch up on my blog.  But that was a lost cause too!  The space bar on my laptop decided to stop working all together.  Crap!  So, I pulled apart the keyboard for the laptop, cleaned it and at the same time was soldering my book light.  That’s right, at one point in time I had both my laptop and my book light torn apart!  I got my book light working again, but was unable to fix the laptop.  Only one way to fix the laptop, take it to a repair tech.  Crap!  I hate having to do that!  I joined Heather at work and work wasn’t so bad at all, and had lifted my spirits a little.

I came home and had told Heather about the laptop, and expected her to get the hint that we needed to take the laptop to get it repaired.  But alas, she had not prepared anything and instead was starting dinner when I came home.  A positive though was that she had mowed the front lawn, so that’s done for the week.  It’s getting hard to mow the lawn between the rain down here now.  So, I convinced her to take the laptop to “Computer Emergency Room”.  Those guys were great!  They ordered a new keyboard right on the spot, told me that when they get it in, they’ll give us a call and install it and have it back to us in the same day.  In the meantime, he suggested going to Staples to buy a cheap USB keybaord.  Hadn’t thought of that and convinced Heather to go to Staples.

While we were at Staples we found a keyboard for about $15 and that’s how I’m typing to you now.  We also got some batteries for the wireless doorbell that hasn’t been working since we put in the new door.  We came home and while Heather finished putting dinner together, I installed the new batteries for the doorbell, and sure enought, it works!  I also managed to hook up the keyboard and have to say I like having the laptop up a little higher to see it better.  I may keep the keyboard, but still need to have the regular keyboard fixed for school.  Heather then got dinner ready and I went upstairs and we ate dinner together and then came downstairs and watched some T.V. together.  After a little while, Heather had to go to Marsha’s and get more jackets and I went along for the ride.  I came home and IMed with some people and worked on my blog and we watched soem T.V. together and then went upstairs and read books together.  We haven’t done that in ions!  Shortly after, we went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 8 (Part 8):  He just sat as the guerillas and prisoners left and the sun set in the west.  Vastor told Mace he may want to leave before the gunships arrived, but Mace never flinched.  Nick came by with the children in toe, but again Mace did not come out of his zone.  Mace couldn’t help how the light never touched the dark side of the jungle which made him reflect about the Dark Side of The Force.  Mace had read in the archives about how The Dark Side had supposedly made everything clear, he now knew it was a lie.  The Dark Side made Mace blind here.  As the sun came up, the gunships followed in two strafing runs.  Mace muttered that he might as well be blind when a female voice answered saying that a man once told her, “It is in the darkest night that the light we are shines brightest.”  Mace stood up, turned with arms open and said, “Depa”.  Depa did not share his jolity and did not embrace him.  Depa did not look well.  Her robers were a tatter of their former selves with blood, holes, and dirt.  She was deshoveled and looked like a mess, but that’s not what worried Mace.  As blaster fire from gunships blew by them, Mace stared at Depa’s forehead and where she once wore the Mark of Illumination, the symobl of a Chalactan adept, had been hacked away from her skull.  The symbol of her ancient religion is now gone.  Mace asked what has happened to her and she told him he should not have come.


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