‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 7)

Sunday.  It really was another lazy day for Heather and I even though we both feel as though we both got a lot accomplished.  We got up late again this morning and got up too late for church again.  I know that will change when the kids get home, so I know this will not be a problem for Heather and I to get up.  We got up around ten o’clock this morning and we decided to go out side and work on the pool.  The ring had deflated again and Heather had just about had it with the pool.  We do have one giant hole in the ring that we can’t seem to plug, so I told Heather to gorilla glue it.  Sure enough, it worked!

We got back inside and Heather suggested we go get some bagels, so we went to “The Best Bagels In Town” and got some bagels and sat and ate them and read the paper together and then got a half dozen to take home for the week.  We got back from getting bagels, and my buddy Ian showed up and we had a little bit of a discussion and not too long after, Jeff, my assistant for the Binghamton FanForce showed up to drop off his Vader suit and talk.  We had a great time discussing our stuff and what our plans were for the group and ourselves.  By noon, they both left and Heather and I ate some lunch.  Heather then took a nap and I took to killing guys online with my PS3.  After about an hour or two, we went back out to the pool and started to fill it with air and water.  The patch seemed to hold.  We ate dinner together and then decided to go to Suzy Q’s and get some ice cream for dessert.

We got back home, watched Big Brother and some other shows and went to bed.  Not too exciting, but in the process, I did manage to finish Scur’s box today, including painting, I just have a little bit of clear lacquering to do and add hinges and a clasp.  I also managed to finish my new holster for my sidearm.  It’s even lacquered and ready to go!

Okay, so let’s talk about Star Wars books, let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 8 (Part 7):  Mace approached the Balawai that were captured and found the father of Urno and Nykl to let him know they were still alive.  He burst into tears.  Mace felt no remorse for him as this was the Balawai that began the firefight at the compound.  The girls’ mother nor were Rankin among the captives.  Mace knew this implied they both had died and Mace felt bad for Rankin’s possible death.  Vastor began barking orders at his Korunnai an Mace couldn’t help but notice how the lor pelek’s voice had become rather lethal.  Mace stopped Vastor and asked what will happen with the prisoners.  Vastor said the prisoners come with them and Mace asked how they will take care of them and Vastor said they give the prisoners to the jungle.  Mace said this is jungle justice and Vastor said that this has become their way.  Mace wondered if any of them could survive without food and supplies, and Vastor said that he has survived the jungle himself.  Mace asked about the children, but found he was talking to Vastor’s back.  Mace looked down in disbelief and found himself staring at the scorched body that had put itself into the fetal position before dying.  He sat in front of the body and wondered if this could have been the children’s mother, anyone’s mother, brother, or friend.  He could try to use The Force to try to figure out who this was and how they died, but he didn’t want to tap into The Force in this dark place anymore….


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