‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 6)

Saturday.  It was a very uneventful day.  I had two goals today and one of them was very simple.  My first goal was to finish the box I was making for Scur’s splodies.  That one wasn’t too hard.  I was able to paint on the sides the Falco symbol and I was also able to paint on the front and back “Scur Falco” in Mandalorian.  I also started to put on the Mando Mercs skull on the top of the box.  My second goal was even easier.  Kill dudes on my PS3 in the Call Of Duty 4 game.  I had a blast playing the game a majority of the day.  I also continued to work on catching my blog up and reading some of “Shatterpoint” while I watched a marathon of Deadliest Catch.  I probably played a little too much PS3 today, but I will say that I had a lot of fun.  It rained and stormed all day on and off and it was just hot and muggy!  So much so that it was uncomfortable!  Heather and I got some leftovers for dinner and ate it downstairs just because it was a little more reasonable down there.  We got done with dinner and not too long after, Heather asked me if I wanted to go see “Dark Knight” tonight.  I said, “sure!” and I was dressed in seconds!  We then headed to the theater.

This theater night was much less eventful and we didn’t see anyone get hit with a car, heh.  We saw the movie and I have to say that Dark Knight really did live up to all it’s hype.  I love the fact that as you’re watching the movie, you feel like there are several points at which you could stop the movie, but somehow it just keeps going.  There is only one depressing part of it all.  Heath Ledger will never be able to play the part of The Joker ever again, and he really was amazing!  The other guy that I was amazed at was the actor that portrayed Two-Face.  I thought he did a great job with Harvey Dent and an even better part with Two-Face.  A good movie overall and I highly recommend it!

We got home and Heather went right to bed.  I couldn’t sleep, so I played some more PS3 and then worked on my blog till the wee hours in the morning.  Even though I didn’t do much, it really was a nice relaxing day.  But, I will admit, I miss my kids.  I miss the yelling and the screaming and I miss the help that they really provide my wife and I.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 8 (Part 6):  Then a familiar voice told Mace they needed to leave as the gunships fly with light, but stopped mid-sentence when he saw the bodies.  Nick asked what had happened and Mace said a good medic might still be able to save Chalk and Besh.  Nick asked about the children and Mace said he temporarily saved their lives.  Nick pointed out that life is always temporary, and Mace said that he’s probably right.  Nick asked Mace where he was going, as he headed for the opening of the bunker.  Mace said he wanted to find the parents of these children.  Nick asked about Besh and Chalk and Mace said they were in his hands now.  Then Nick asked what he should do with the kids, and Mace looked back and said he should pretend they were his.  Mace walked out into the compound where he found the Korunnai effeciently looting the dead Balawai bodies.  Mace was stunned at the horrors he saw and watched the Balawai prisoners, who were surrounded by akk dogs, stare in disbelief.  then Mace made eye contact with the Korun he had threatened earlier.  Only this time, he had a gigantic bruise over his right eye and Mace deduced that Vastor has a good left upper-cut based on waht he said in the bunker.  Mace approached the Korun and the Korun asked what he wanted.  Mace told him to back off as he was just looking for an excuse to kill someone like him…..


One Response to “‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 6)”

  1. paretsam Says:

    The Dark Knight is fantastic! I am with you there. The actor for Harvey Dent is Aaron Eckhart

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