‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 5)

Friday.  End of the work week and Heather and I wanted to have a nice day and evening tonight.  The day went okay, but our evening did not go so swimmingly.  I got up this morning and went for my morning walk and came home and got myself ready for a lunch shift today.  I took the morning to put away my minis and other things that were out that weren’t supposed to be around the house.  I then got something to eat and headed off to work.  I joined Heather on carry-out and worked the grill then got moved to PC and fryers.  I handled the shift pretty well and Heather’s boss even let me go about a half an hour early because I busted my tail so much.  It really wasn’t a bad day overall, other than the fact that I was stuck on grill again!

I got home and Heather said she wanted to go out for a date night tonight.  She decided to go take a quick nap to make it through the night, and I couldn’t help but take the moment to play some PS3 downstairs.  I really AM addicted now!  It’s lots of fun and I’m really starting to learn the maps pretty well.  Around dinner time, Heather suggested we go out to eat.  I suggested we get something light around the house and then get popcorn and stuff at the theater.  She agreed that was a good idea and we agreed we were going to go see “Get Smart”, which only had one showing since “Mama Mia” and “Batman:  The Dark Knight” were set to be released this weekend.  So, we had to make a nine-ten showing and we left the house around quarter till nine.  We got to the movie theater and the place was jammed.  It was all for Dark Knight and I could NOT believe how many people were lined up to see the movie.  They were sold out left and right.  Heather and I were on our way into the theater when we witnessed the wierdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

We heard a car screech and I saw a guy go bouncing off the hood of the car!  It almost looked like a scene from an action film and it seemed like it was planned.  At first, Heather and I didn’t react thinking it was some college students goofing around.  But, when the guy who got hit didn’t get up, I yelled at Heather to call 911 and I got on the scene as fast as I could.  I did all the things I was taught in CPR class and assess the situation.  The victim was conscious, he wasn’t bleeding (miraculously!) and seemed to be okay.  After Heather called 911, the victim insisted she call his girlfriend.  He tried to get up, but I wouldn’t let him and I told him to lay still.  I made sure he was breathing by putting my hand on his diaphragm and he was taking air in and it was going out.  He had a pulse and he seemed lucid.  I stayed with him until a cop arrived about five minutes later and started asking questions and took control of the situation.  We were outside with the scenario for about a half an hour.  We found out that the victim was attempting to commit suicide because he was upset about his girlfriend breaking up with him.  Problem is, he did a HORRIBLE job trying to commit suicide.  He even landed with his butt on the windshield of the car!  So, we basically lost a half hour of our night (granted this was all speculation!).

So, we got into the movie and missed the start of “Get Smart”.  Then brought on the argument.  Heather wanted to see “Mama Mia” and of course I wanted to see “Dark Knight”.  So, Heather proposed a compromise.  We would see “Mama Mia” tonight and then we would go see “Dark Knight” next week.  I agreed and we went in and watched “Mama Mia”.  The good news was that on the way in, I ran into the theater manager and he agreed that he wanted us for “The Clone Wars” movie release, so I’m going to call him next week between Tuesday and Wednesday to iron out the details.  So, the good news is that we did manage to get something good out of the evening.

Okay, so “Mama Mia” was an interesting movie, to say the least.  I’m not a fan of the “movie/musical”, but this one wasn’t bad and it was actually rather cute.  But, it would have been better if Pierce Brosnan did NOT sing.  His singing was horrible.  What made the movie worse was the fact that the music was based on ABBA, and I’m not a big fan of ABBA.  Personally, I think ABBA should have died years ago and can’t believe that their music is still being played!  But, if you’re an ABBA fan, then this movie is for you.  It wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t wait to get out of the theater.  We came home, and I went downstairs and killed some guys on my PS3 before going to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 8 (Part 5):  Mace looked at Terrell and Vastor said he was man enough to murder, so he was man enough to die.  Then Vastor reminded him there is no jail in this jungle.  Vastor told Mace he hopes that he will give him an excuse to kill him, but fear to act on that hope.  Mace looked upon the humming shields on Vastor’s arm and saw a shatterpoing.  It was now all true.  In order to save a life, Mace himself was ready to commit justifiable homicide.  A Jedi murder.  Mace looked around not with Jedi eyes, but eyes of realism.  Terrell had murdered Chalk and Besh.  He had been looking for good and evil, someone he could blame for this war.  Vastor lowered his weapon and told Mace he let him live, the fight is over and he now must deal with the captives.  Mace told him he won’t allow him to kill prisoners, Vastor asked who said anything about killing them, stopped himself and said let him deal with that particular Kornu.  Vasor left and Mace put away his lightsabers and couldn’t help but notice how the thanatizine had stopped the bleeding.  He heard the children wimpering and none of them met his stare.  There were so many things Mace wanted to say, but he stood motionless….


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