‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 4)

Okay, it was Thursday and my day did NOT start well.  I got myself up and went walking today and decided when I got back that it would be a good time to start getting myself ready to go to Allen and Danielle’s house.  Seemed like a simple enough task, except it wasn’t simple at all.  I tried to find clean clothes for work and found out that my wife had not cleaned any of my clothes for work.  Now, I will admit that my Crissman temperment took over and I chewed her out at first, but I then just took it on the chin like a man, and did some of my own laundry.  I then called up Allen and Danielle and apologized and said I would be late to minis today.  I left the house and got to Allen and Danielle’s an hour late.

We started our fist mini’s game and I think my new strategy seems to work.  I made it all the way through the game and it actually became a nail biter right till the very end.  I did find out that some of the thought processes that I had earlier were flawed, but the concept I had was there.  I even brought lunch with me and my work clothes, just in case.  We were so efficient with the first game, that we decided to play another quick game that I didn’t do as well at.  It was a fun time.

I got done with minis, came home and spent some time with Heather, got a shower and changed into my work clothes and headed off to work.  It was quite the busy night and I really didn’t get a moment’s peace the whole night.  In some ways that’s nice because it makes the shift go by so much faster.  I got done with work and came home and played some PS3 for a little while and went to bed.  Tommorrow Heather and I were both working the lunch shift and I would be on grill again.  I’m beginning to think that I’m a grill guy again!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 8 (Part 4):  As Mace entered teh bunker, he saw Vastor, holding up Terrell, ready to take his final blow to the young boy.  Mace used The Force to emphasize his words and told Vastor to stop!  Vastor said he has a creature of little means and Mace tried to correct him, only to discover the ugly truth.  The bodies of both Besh and Chalk were bloodied with the superficial wounds from a knife.  A knife that Mace cut in half with his lightsaber and now lay at Terrell’s feet.  When Mace asked Terrell waht he had done, Vastor answeredc back saying he won’t do it again.  As Mace went to spring into action, he asked himself what he should have done differently to avoid this situation, but he knew he’d be too late.  Before Mace could act, Vastor raised his shield, imbedded it into Terrell’s chest and killed the innocent boy.  That’s when Mace realized he should have killed Kar Vastor earlier.  Mace was still in mid-air and had decided to kill him now for the sake of the four other children in the bunker.  He tried to cut Vastor through the shields, but they did not break.  Mace leaped over Vastor and landed between him and the other children.  Vastor told Mace he went to great trouble to get him here and Depa woudl be unhappy to find him dead.  Mace felt this need to fullfill the blood fever to punish Vastor, but he held to his Jedi teachings.  Jedi defend.  Mace told him to leave as he won’t let him kill these children.  Vastor said he sees the flames in his eyes and the blackness in his heart and he reminds Mace that he does not make war on children…..


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