‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 3)

Okay, it’s Wednesday, and it’s the middle of he week and I will openly admit something as of today.  I’m officially addicted to my PS3.  I may have to start a support group over this because the graphics on the one game I have is really THAT awesome!  I went to bed VERY late last night and will admit that I did not get up in time to go walking this morning.  I had to get going for work fairly early, so I got up this morning, went downstairs, played the PS3 for an hour and then got some food and got ready for work, which I started at noon.  Heather had the day off today since she did the closing shift last night.  Work went okay, but it was busy for a Wednesday lunch and I got stuck on grill, again!  I really don’t like grill simply because it’s so boring to run.  Drop meat, cook meat, flip meat, serve meat.  That pretty much sums up the job.  {sarcasm}yeah{sarcasm}.  I came home and had a nice dinner with Heather and then she went downstairs and went to sewing and I went to playing some PS3.  This time, I tried playing the game online.  WOW!  As if it weren’t addicting enough before, now I’m completely addicted!  I played online for three hours and before I knew it, Heather was asking me if I wanted to watch some T.V. with her and I didn’t realize that much time had gone by.  Woops!  But, I have already made it to the level of Lieutenant Corporal!  I must be doing something right, but I seem to be dying an awful lot!  It wasn’t long till it was time for us to go to bed.  I even got my minis ready for our mini excursion tomorrow.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint,  A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 8 (Part 3):  Both Vastor and Windu deflected multiple blaster fire as they lept toward the opening of the bunker.  Mace noticed to his left that some Balawai that were about to surrender were about to be cut down by some Korun warriors.  Mace defended the Balawai and told he Korun warriors that they are to leave them alone and the Korun referred to him as Depa’s sire.  He told them that if they kill the Balawai, he will see to it that they suffer the same fate.  The Korun said that he was not their master and that he would have to talk to Kar Vastor.  Mace said he intended to and turned and dashed up the slope toward the bunker.  He was nearly there, till he was frozen by the screams of litle children…..


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