‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8 (Part 2)

Tuesday and it ended up being quite the busy day for Heather and myself.  It started off simple enough, but got pretty busy before it was all said and done.  I got up late this morning and didn’t go walking.  My legs were still sore from yesterday and I took that as a sign that I should take it easy for a while.  I met up with Heather when she came home and we started to put together how to hang up the screen door.  We got the screen door up in about an hour or so.  I was surprised we were able to hang it so quickly.  I wasn’t fully happy with the effect, because the door isn’t perfectly straight, but my wife says I’m simply too much of a perfectionist.  Heather then decided to start draining the pool today because she’s realized that the inflatable ring on the pool has just been leaking too much, so we need to repair it before we reinflate it.  Not too long after she came back inside, she asked me if I had decided on a Playstation 3 or X Box 360 yet.  I said I had decided on the Playstation 3 and she asked me if I wanted to go buy it today.  My plain answer was, “duh!”  So, we left the house a little early and paid some bills for NYSEG and Time Warner and then started looking for PS3’s.  Well, that seems like and easy task, right?  Well, Wal Mart didn’t have any and Target only had one with an 80 GB Hard Drive with a game that I was not interested in, and it seemed way overpriced.  So, we decided we would hit Toys R Us, but decided to get something to eat first.  So, we went to Tully’s and had a nice late lunch/early dinner.  We then went to Toys R Us and they said they were out as well.  Crap!  So, we decided to make one last ditch effort at Game Stop.  Sure enough, they didn’t have any new ones, but I was able to find a used PS3 that was $80 cheaper than the original price of the 80 GB PS3.  So, we bought it.  But, then comes the cruel part of the story.  I bought the PS3, the game “Call of Duty 4” and I reserved a copy of “The Force Unleashed”, but I could not play it tonight, as I needed to get to work.  So, we left the house right away.

I got to work and managed to make it through my shift and they left me go an hour early as they were burning labor again.  So, I left work and went out to Vestal to Big Lots to get an HDMI cable at Big Lots.  The store clerk at Gamestop told me they had them for $13, when they normally cost $50 and sure enough they did!  I bought the cable and came home.  But then, the torture continued.  I couldn’t hook the PS3 up because I promised Heather I would tape the new episodes of Deadliest Catch and Big Brother for her, and I couldn’t mess with the systems.  So, I waited an hour and watched Big Brother.  After it was over, I tore apart the T.V. and re programmed everything and then set up the PS3.  I barely even got a chance to play the system at all tonight.  As a matter of fact, I was up till two in the morning when Heather came home from her closing shift at Wendy’s.

Okay, so enough about my day, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 8 (Part 2):  As Vastor asked if they should lay down their arms, blaster fire hit the steamcrawler and Mace insisted upon no more massacres.  Vastor said massacres are necessary adn asked where Besh and Chalk are.  Mace told him they were in the bunker.  Vastor told Mace to follow him and he jumpted out of the cabin of the steamcrawler.  Mace resisted the urge to follow, took all the Balawai blasters in the cabin, but them in half, and told the Balawai to surrender, it’s their only hope.  Someone pointed out that if they surrender, they’ll be tortured, but Mace promised he would spare them if that is the case.  They asked for his word and Mace said a Jedi Master keeps his word.  As Mace sensed Vastor heading toward the bunker, he suddenly remembered the children he left in the bunker.  Mace decided to save them, but before he lept out of the cabin, he told the Balawai to fight to the death or surrenderfor life, the choice was theirs…..

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